Meaning, “The Left-Hand Mill” in Irish, Mullingar, is the beautiful county town of Westmeath.

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An Muileann gCearr in Irish, meaning, “The Left-Hand Mill” is the name Mullingar in English and is the beautiful county town of Westmeath.   With an array of historical, scenic, and modern facilities to enjoy, Mullingar is the third biggest town in the Midland area and boasts a population of over 20 thousand people. The magnificent Mullingar Cathedral, towers above the skyline and is surrounded by several neighbouring lakes, Lough Owel, Lough Derravaragh and Lough Ennell.  The Cathedral of Christ the King, the Cathedral of the Diocese of Meath is also in Mullingar.

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Including a swimming pool, a large pond and a variety of playgrounds, Mullingar Town Park is definitely worth a visit. The park received the honour of being awarded a prestigious “Green Flag” on the 22nd July 2016 and is added to the twenty one other sites also awarded this specific award.


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