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It is clear that working from home is the dream of many of us who want to get freedom on work time. Moreover, more and more people are interested in finding an online job that gives them security, comfort and of course that allows them to be at home with their family. In today’s article, we will see what are the advantages and problems of creating a business that allows us to work from home.

Do you dare to explore how could you achieve it?

Is this possible or is it a lie?

Lie? Remember the chapter of the Simpsons in which Homer manages to work from home and ends up putting a duckling by pressing a key hehehe.

It’s as real as like that and it’s very possible for any 2.0 web designer, graphic designer, community manager or SEO worker.

There is no doubt that the possibility exists and perhaps the most complicated is to convince our boss to leave us because really working from home you can become much more productive.

Let’s see the advantages and then we’ll get into the black spots.

Advantages of working from home

working from home

There is no doubt that this will be the most valued point most although it is worth mentioning that these are my ideas about telecommuting and maybe another is not interested in the same things, any way you can leave a comment with your “advantages”.

  • Saving time on the commute to and from work, you avoid going on public transport, eat traffic jams, find parking … and you spend long days, maybe the best of all.
  • Greater concentration and less distraction in case you separate your work and family life, while you are working in an online platform, no one should bother you and you will be more productive.
  • Free time to your liking, if you work for objectives there will be no problem as long as you meet them, you happy and the boss more.
  • Better conciliation with family life, you can take your children to the doctor, put them to bed, prepare the snack … dad or mom will always be with them.
  • Organize your schedules as best you sell and do not depend on the rest.

These are the main advantages that I see but I repeat that maybe you think in the other ways. There is no problem because everyone has their own choice.

Disadvantages of working from home

Everything has its disadvantages but without a doubt here what each one has to do is a balance between the positive and the negative points and to stay with the one that most interests him and to throw to death with it.

  • Greater temptation to waste time with television, with our children or family. Feeling free can have negative aspects if we do not know how to control ourselves.
  • Possibility of not finding a workspace in our house and not entering into the work dynamics day by day.
  • Lack of respect for work for the environment, may not understand that you have to continue working your hours and enter the room constantly asking for things.

These are the 3 possible problems that I see could affect you when you working from home. But the truth is that they do not happen to me, I see myself as a good worker from home and I think that it will continue for a long time.

Obviously, working from home can be used and combined with digital nomad travels whenever we know how to do it.

This may call you more, right?

In this blog, there are so many times in the previous posts, we have talked about what it means to adopt the internet into professional life. Maybe you’re interested to have a look when you decide to go through working from home.


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