10 digital marketing terms you should know

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Surely you have wondered what are the most significant digital marketing terms, if so, here I leave the 10 most important and their meanings. Let us begin…

The digital marketing terms

1. INBOUND MARKETINGdigital marketing terms

It is the set of marketing strategies that aim to increase the visits of a website for the final obtaining of leads and is based on three pillars: SEO positioning, content marketing, and social media marketing.


The link between a user and the brand. That link can be measured through formulas. It is sought that this link is solid and lasting. It is the love that a user professes to the brand.

3. INFLUENCERdigital marketing terms

The user of social networks with a capacity superior to the extent of influencing the target audience and, therefore, is interesting for the brand as its ambassador. Influencer marketing strategies can be done, in which it will be necessary to take into account that the values ​​of the brand coincide with the values ​​transmitted by the influencer as a personal brand. And the influencer community will also have to be analyzed and the engagement it has, and that is real.

4. SWOTdigital marketing terms

Analysis that is carried out of a business, brand or company to know the current situation. It is based on the analysis of the micro and macro environment that is reflected in four elements: strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. It is one of the best digital marketing terms.

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5. ADWORDdigital marketing terms

Google’s self-managed platform, based on pay per click advertising.

6. KEYWORDSdigital marketing terms

Words or words that are placed in the search engine refer to online marketing, also serves as segmentation identifying the searches for which you want to show an ad or positioning in the first places the search engine.

7. ROI

Return on investment. It is an index that measures the benefit against the expense of an investment made in a specific digital marketing campaign. It is one of the best digital marketing terms.

8. CTR

Click-Through Rate. It is calculated as the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions usually expressed as a percentage (for which the number of clicks is multiplied by 100.

9. SEOdigital marketing terms

Search Engine Optimization Set of techniques consisting of giving visibility to a website in search engines, so that it is positioned as best as possible for a series of keywords.

10. SEM

Search Engine Marketing It is the set of actions for which a product or service is promoted online through ads with costs for the advertiser.


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