What is the maximum speed of the Hoverboard?

Hoverboards – those self-balancing electric skateboards – have attracted the interest of many of the most pioneering consumers in this new technology. Although it is not yet clear if it is a toy or a vehicle, the truth is that there are many controversial points about these devices that should be clarified before getting to the controls of one of them.

Hoverboards (self-balancing electric skateboards) have attracted the interest of many of the most pioneering consumers in this new technology. The maximum speed of a Hoverboard is determined by a number of different factors: the size of the wheel, sources of the electric motors, and the company’s safety options.

Let’s take a look at the most popular models, and plot their individual top speeds. Keep in mind, these are nominal maximum speeds, and will be affected by factors such as the slope of the terrain, and the weight of the scooter.

Razor Hovertrax Top Speed

This Hoverboard is one of the slowest, with a 6.5-inch wheel, and can only go up to a top speed of 6 mph (9.6 kph).

Swagway X1 Top Speed

The X1 Swagway is definitely faster when it comes to 6.5-inch hoverboards. Its top speed is 10 mph (16 kph).

8 Inch Skque Turbo Hoverboard Top Speed

The fastest Hoverboard available on the market is the Skque, with an 8-inch wheel and a top speed of 13 mph (21 kph)

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Hope this answers your questions, we will keep adding more speeds as we get more hoverboards. Keep reading how fast does a hoverboard go.


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