Data masking tools in organizational security

It is known as the Data masking to the process where data is transformed maintaining its authenticity. Its main feature in cybersecurity is not to allow the retraction or reversion of the data once the process has been completed. Therefore, the original data can not be recovered.

In other words, the information considered sensitive in the databases is replaced; In this way, new information is generated, which is real for authorized systems. Consequently, be useless for unauthorized people who try to perform the process in reverse. Because data masking does not allow data to be returned to its original form.

Raised from a theoretical concept, data masking to make a darkening of the data. However, the process has been developed to be more appropriate as a data substitution. Which have the same quality and meaning as the originals, without the need to encrypt, hide or prohibit the information to unauthorized persons. These techniques were used as steps for data masking, not as the masking itself, but as the set of all these steps.

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Data masking toolsData masking

The importance and usefulness of the masking of data of the tools for their double use; Among them are:

Contributes to compliance with regulations: data masking solutions favor compliance with laws; These include the defense of the information of client suppliers and/or employees of the organization. This is done in conjunction with the company’s security policies; improving the organization of private data.

Reduce the risk of information leaks: the masking of data protected the sensitive data of all unauthorized users; in this way, it minimizes the risk of exposure of sensitive data, avoiding any kind of attack or cyber attacks.

On the other hand, the use of the cloud is useful to minimize costs in the infrastructure. However, it can carry out new and diverse security risks when exposing sensitive data. The solution for this is data masking, which ensures and respects the data.

At present, the masking of data is essential and should be part of the strategies of work planning. It must be part of all companies that have relevant data, even if it is in terms of the level of confidentiality. Finally, in the legal aspect, it has the necessary and defined forms with regard to personal information.


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