Safety precautions all labs need

Without laboratories we would certainly find ourselves in a much more difficult world. Laboratories are where the scientific discoveries of the decades occur. If we did not have them then the advances we have made would likely not have happened. However, ever since the first laboratories were created there has had to be a set of precautions to ensure that safety is observed at all times. This is to protect not only the people working in the lab but also the wider public outside it.

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The first laboratories were developed by, as with many other things, the Greeks. Pythagoras was the first recorded example of having a laboratory. It seems that he was only conducting experiments with sound waves so there was no great cause for concern. However, this is not the case when you look at an early painting celebrating the life of Louis Pasteur. The great man is shown holding a bottle of some liquid in one hand and a note in the other. He isn’t wearing any protective gear and perhaps the note is about getting some Chemical Spill Kits from

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Spill kits, areas that can be sealed off in case of the escape of hazardous materials are just some of the main ways that a laboratory looks to protect itself and maintain safety. The Health and Safety Executive has laid down stringent working practices that all businesses and science facilities must follow when dealing with substances hazardous to health.


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