Explaining CCTV Drain Surveys and their importance

You can get a good idea of what’s going on in drains and sewages by using a CCTV drain survey. These are a very useful tool to determine if your drains are blocked and the cause of the issue. It could be anything, from a build-up of fat and grease to damage to the integrity of the drain.

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Drain surveys are carried out for commercial and domestic projects, including when purchasing a new house or doing home extensions.

What can a CCTV drain inspection find?

A CCTV drain survey that is done properly will include footage showing the overall condition of drainage systems, including root infestations and silt accumulation. It should also include information on flow direction and drain dimension. For all types of CCTV camera installations, visit CCTV Installation Gloucester at apmfireandsecurity.com/cctv-security-systems/cctv-installation-gloucester

How much time does it take to complete?

A drain survey may take several hours, depending on the situation and scope of work. The operator can prepare the report and deliver it to you that same day.

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What is the access required ?

The technology allows drain specialists to work remotely, without any restrictions on access or power requirements.

What technology and equipment is used?

  • Waterproof camera: All surveying equipment is waterproof.
  • Reporting programming.
  • Minicam equipment.
  • Proteus crawlers are able to inspect drain lines up to 3000 mm in diameter and up to 250 meters in length.
  • Pushrod capable of surveying up to 300 mm drain pipes and up to 60 meters in length.
  • Floating raft capable of surveying culverts that have high flows going through them.

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