Best shows like Stranger Things

Stranger Things has been considered, not only by critics but also by the public, as one of the best Netflix science fiction series. And while we look forward to the premiere of season 4, we want to recommend these shows like Stranger Things that, as every fan, you will surely love.

Shows like stranger things

Stranger things is a science fiction series that follows the story of a group of children who decide to investigate the disappearance of one of the group’s members. As they get involved, strange events are happening. The appearance of a mysterious girl and a terrifying creature will be the key to solving the mystery. Here is a list of 7 shows like stranger things that we are sure you will enjoy from beginning to end.

shows like stranger things

1- Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters is a teenage science fiction series where we can see the characters live between two “dimensions”: the world of humans and an alternate sub-world where different creatures inhabit. This is a factor very similar to what we can see in the Stranger Things series. Continue reading: Black bullet season 2

What is it about?

Shadowhunters tells the story of Clary, a 15-year-old teenager who discovers that there are supernatural beings, half-human and half angels, who protect the earth from demons, and that both her mother and she are part of that race.

From that moment and with the help of Jace, a conceited Shadowhunter, he will try to discover his true identity and find the whereabouts of his kidnapped mother while he falls in love with his mysterious and supernatural companion.

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2- Locke & Key

As in Stranger Things, in this series, we can see the main cast made up mostly of teenage actors and actresses. We can also see in this series a mystery plot very similar to that of Stranger Things.

What is it about?

The death of their parents leads two young children to move into their father’s childhood home. What they do not know is that those households a large number of keys that will open passages to magic, powers and hidden secrets.

3- Sabrina’s hidden world

Delving a little deeper into the mystery, Sabrina’s Hidden World is a story that you should definitely consider if you are looking for series like Stranger Things. And it is that the theme of Sabrina develops in an occult world and supernatural beings, as we can well see in the “Upside Down” and everything that it contains.

What is it about?

On her 16th birthday, half-witch and half-mortal Sabrina Spellman must make a choice, does she choose the path of light? Or the night road? Signing his name in the book of the beast would grant him great power but at the price of his freedom.

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4- How to raise a superhero (Raising Dion)

Children and superpowers are always a good combination … or not? You would have to ask Eleven. In How to raise a superhero, we can see a protagonist who experiences supernatural powers and a mother who seeks answers, which makes this series very similar to Stranger Things.

What is it about?

Following the death of her husband, Nicole is faced with the difficult task of raising her son Dion alone. But the situation gets even more complicated when he discovers that Dion has super powers, so he will have to protect him and keep his abilities secret while he finds out what caused them.

5- Riverdale

If we are talking about teenage mystery series, Riverdale undoubtedly qualifies as one of the first in this category. A group of teenagers, a town, and various mysteries to be solved (including, of course, strange creatures) make Riverdale a series like Stranger Things.

What is it about?

Riverdale follows the adventures of Archie, a teenager who, together with his group of friends, is dedicated to investigating crimes and solving mysteries in the town of Riverdale.

Do you know of any other shows like stranger things that we should add to this count? Let us know in the comments!

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