Work From Home: 5 Ways To Boost Productivity

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Work from home is more challenging than work from the office. Due to COVID-19, it becomes a need to assign WFH to employees in almost every office. But while working from home, employees need to deal with housing activities along with completing office work on time. Maintaining a balance between both is a hard task and can directly affect work productivity. To come up you from this trouble, here we have a list of 5 common ways that will boost your productivity;

  • Set A Calendar For Meetings Schedule

A day before setting a calendar is an excellent way to improve work productivity. It will take only a few minutes to fix the next day’s schedule, but helps you to a quick start with full enthusiasm. You can organize meetings in the calendar on a priority basis then feel relaxed with everyday tasks. Just imagine, you woke up in a hustle and bustle and memorized things to grab your full day. A day started with worries cannot be ended with happiness. Therefore plan your work wisely before going to begin.

  • Decide Your Work Area

Many people sit on a couch in front of the TV while working. Bear in mind, multitasking can never be proven fruitful results but deteriorates your performance. Therefore, always choose an isolated area in the house where you can work freely.  Even if you are handling online meetings, keep the distractions away from your working areas. Try this for a few weeks and feel the difference in your work productivity.

  • Limit Distractions

Basically, there is no limit to distractions at home whether these are from children, pets, TV, or your social media notifications. Even during a pandemic when schools are also shut, it will be hard for people to work from home smoothly. But there is a solution to this problem. First, create workplace boundaries at home and do not allow anyone to enter. Secondly,  if your distractions are from social media accounts, it will be great to keep notifications off. You can also use headphones to drown out noises.

  • Keep System Up To Date

While working from home most people do not bother the system and its related issues. Therefore, keep on storing files on the desktop and ignore deleting unwanted files. Keep in mind, your ignorance can also affect your productivity level. If you have more on the desktop, it can slow down your Mac or another system. Therefore, it will be a great help to read the blog post and clean up your Mac. The quick solution helps to clear memory and improve the working experience. Besides, keeping system software regularly up-to-date is of utmost importance. So, do not forget to update the operating system to enhance your efficiency.

  • The Golden Tip: Pick Up The Phone

Messages and emails are a convenient and formal way to send messages and ask for replies. But every time writing an email can grab lots of time. As you need to look for the right content and wait for a reply. Therefore, choosing a phone call for sending short messages is the perfect way to interact. With phone calls, you can convey the message in the right tone. Hence, it saves your time and productivity.

Hope the above information helps you to focus more on office work. You can start with these tips for a few weeks and see the changes in your performance.


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