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Wi-Fi router tips to get the right to place it

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A Wi-Fi router has a coverage and a certain range that depends on many aspects, such as the wireless standards it supports and the quality and quantity of its antennas, but its real potential will also depend to a great extent on the place where we place it. We share some Wi-Fi router tips.

Those who read us every day will remember this article where we talk about the importance of construction materials and their impact on the intensity and coverage of a Wi-Fi router signal. Well, placing the device in a place where it is surrounded by walls will limit its scope much more than locating it in another place where it is freer.

It is not a question to which we should give little importance. The placement of a Wi-Fi router can make important differences in our user experience, so it is a decision that we must take very carefully.

For you to guess at the time of locating it, we have developed this article with four simple but effective tips that will help you to guess when placing the router:

Best Wi-Fi router tips

Play with the positionsWi-Fi router tips

A central area is almost always the best option, but with nuances. If we want to cover all the dependencies of a home or an office, it will be best to look for the center, but if we want to cover a specific part of those and the signal arrives as best as possible (or reinforce it in specific sections) we will have to move the Wi-Fi router -Fi and bring it closer to the areas where we want to improve coverage. For example, if we have an average home with the living room and the rooms in the upper half and we want to cover especially that area we will have to move it in the direction of said dependencies. It is the best Wi-Fi router tips to get the right to place it.

Avoid obstaclesWi-Fi router tips

whenever possible, that is obvious. The obstacles negatively affect the reach of a Wi-Fi network, to such an extent that depending on the performance of the router, a wall and a closed door may end up making a huge difference and give rise to a dead zone (it is understood as such in the one that does not reach the signal). We know that it can be difficult to avoid all obstacles, but placing them near doors or leaving doors open can help to improve reach. It is the best Wi-Fi router tips for good net speed.

Avoid sources of interferenceWi-Fi router tips

There are appliances that generate very strong interference and that can affect the Wi-Fi signal so we must avoid them. On the other hand, the presence of many people in one place may also end up negatively affecting the signal. This is not a problem for an average home, it is not a problem, but in shops and businesses it can be, so we must also keep it in mind.

Search for high positionsWi-Fi router tips

Placing the router in an elevated area can be very helpful for homes, businesses, and offices with two floors. It is not a “miraculous” solution, but it can help us improve the reach and end the dead zones that are less far away. In these cases, the best thing is always to resort to a PLC with Wi-Fi repeater.


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