Why a dedicated server is better to choose for your website hosting?

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A dedicated server is a solid and expensive infrastructure solution with too many computing resources than your website-beginner needs. So, if you are a beginner, it is early to host your website at a dedicated server.

But if you are the owner of a popular web portal with high loads, you should rent a dedicated server: https://www.sim-networks.com/en/dedicated.

Why? Let’s take a look at the benefits.


You use a whole server, not only part of its computing capacities, as in a case of webhosting or VDS. You never depend on loadings producing by other ‘tenants’ of hosting. You’ll feel it when your workloads raise much more on a peak time — your website will continue working stable and high-available.

Flexible customization

Renting a webhosting, you get a preinstalled control panel. Often it is not so convenient as you need, and your administrative rights are always restricted. But popular, large, and high-load website needs an individual approach, large database, and easy control panel.


You can set backup your critical data storing archives both at your dedicated server, and renting a remote data storage to ensure informational security. Because your data need to be reliably protected.

Everything for users

Cheap web hosting can’t ensure stability, failsafe working, and high uptime. But some seconds of failure or 5xx Errors can reduce your users or potential customers significantly. A dedicated server can help your website to avoid all these troubles.  You control its settings and share its capacities with no one. That ensures high uptime, high availability, and reliable working.

So, if you have a large, well-liked, high-demanded, and high-loaded web portal, the best hosting solution for you is a dedicated server. Learn more about dedicated servers located in Germany data centers: https://www.sim-networks.com/en


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