Where To Place wifi Router At Home

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The router is the key to have the internet at home and yet most do not pay enough attention to this crucial element and do not care as we should their location to maximize their benefits and have the best possible Wi-Fi. Today from our technology blog we are going to give you the keys on how and where to place wifi router.

Where to place wifi router

The first question that arises is where to place wifi router? The normal thing is that the technician who makes the installation places it at the point closest to the cable connection of the telephone, which in many cases will not coincide with the optimum position for its operation.

As a general rule, the router should be positioned as centered as possible to the area we want to cover, both horizontally and vertically (if you live in a house with several floors)

Where To Place wifi Router At Home

In horizontal you have to imagine the area that covers your router as a circle around it, so the idea is to place it in the most central position with respect to your floor. Keep in mind that the signal loses strength as you move away from it, so if you place it on one end of your floor, it is easy to have hardly any signal on the opposite end.

At this point you should also keep in mind where in your house you do online consumption, that is, where do you watch TV, use your laptop or do you have the console? In the living room, in a room or in the living room?

Taking into account these two parameters (the closer the signal and the more you use it), you must choose the location of the router.

Another aspect to keep in mind is to try not to install it on the floor. The waves bounce off many materials, so putting it at a certain height will help to have better coverage. In the thread of this, you have to take into account that materials such as metal, stone or even water make the Wi-Fi lose power drastically, so you also have to take into account what elements you have near the router that may prevent the transmission of the waves. For example, do not put it next to the refrigerator or next to a fish tank.

Where To Place wifi Router At Home

Finally, the waves will cross the wood of the doors more easily than a solid wall, so you must take it into account if you want to send the signal from one room to another.

As for antennas, in most router models they function as dipoles, so the transmission form rather than a pure circle is more like a donut. Therefore, the ideal is that at least one of them is in a vertical position, in this way the signal will expand better horizontally.

If the router has 2 antennas a good trick is to put one horizontally and one vertically, this is because some receiving devices have the antenna in horizontal and others in vertical and thus we ensure a better reception in all types of devices (this is because it is proven that the radio emission is maximized when both the receiver and the emitter have the same polarization)

In any case, it is best to experiment, taking into account the above advice try to place the router in different locations to get the best reception of the signal.

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