Top shows like Anne With an E

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After its controversial cancellation, the series Anne With an E left us with a bitter taste. And it is that with only 3 seasons and a story with much more to offer, it was made with a fandom that until now has not resigned to its end. We are loyal fans of this series and we support the cause, but in the meantime, we recommend 7 shows like Anne With an E that you can enjoy while a miracle is being worked.

Shows like Anne With an E

Anne With an E was characterized by addressing real issues such as discrimination by social class, orphans, feminism, freedom of expression, among many other issues. Here are 7 series that share similarities with “Anne With an E” and that if you loved this series, you would surely like them.

shows like Anne With an E

1- A Series of Unfortunate Events

After the death of their parents in an unexpected fire, three little brothers are brought to live with their new guardian, Count Olaf. But for these boys, the death of their parents is mysterious so they decide to investigate its true cause. Meanwhile, his evil guardian will do everything possible to seize his inheritance.

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2- Little Orthodox

Dealing with college and work when you come of age seems to be a headache. But for a young woman raised in Judaism, an arranged marriage is a situation … a little more complex, especially if you run away pregnant and become a fugitive from your religion and your own family.

3- Alias ​​Grace

Set in the year 1843. Alias ​​Grace tells the story of a young servant of high society who is framed for a double murder, despite being innocent. The story is told from the story of Grace (the protagonist) to her doctor from prison.

4- The Bazaar of Charity

When the charity bazaar burned in flames in Paris in 1897, taking the lives of more than 150 victims, all of them women, among maids and upper-class ladies, 3 women faced from different perspectives towards gender inequality, discrimination between social classes and political corruption.

5- The cable girls

The year 1928 passes when the first telecommunications company in Madrid opens its doors and decides to employ thousands of women. The story follows four young telephone operators who will take it upon themselves to make gender equality personal.

6- When the heart calls

Set in the 20th century. A young teacher from a wealthy family decides to turn her life around by moving to a small mining community in Canada. There he will have to put aside his customs and prejudices to face the reality of the most vulnerable society.

7- Heartland

A family faces an unexpected tragedy: the death of the matriarch. His daughter, Amy Fleming, must defend her family legacy when they threaten to take away the ranch that has belonged to an entire generation.

Do you know of any other shows like Anne With an E that we should add to this count? Let us know in the comments!

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