Top 5 Antivirus 2019 For iPhone

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Mobile phones, as well as computers and laptops, need real-time protection against viruses. Below is a selection of top 5 antivirus 2019 for iOS.

1. Avira Mobile Security

Antivirus 2019

Avira Anti-Virus has already proven its effectiveness for laptops and desktops. Whether the mobile version of Avira Mobile Security will have the same ability to find malware is not yet clear, but the application includes very useful and interesting features. The application has several modules responsible for different areas of protection.

First of all, this antivirus demonstrates its effectiveness in blocking phishing websites that can cause serious problems to the phone. Avira has a very useful feature for checking the authenticity of emails and contacts, informing users about the misuse of their accounts. Additionally, the application backs up your contacts by sending the contents of your address book to email or Dropbox and Google Drive.

A very useful management tool that can monitor memory and storage for optimization and send reports on the status of the security system. The application also contains a device detection module in case of loss or theft. Avira Mobile Security is able to protect devices from various types of attacks. This is one of the best antiviruses for iOS, and, which is not unimportant, free.

2. Lookout

Antivirus 2019

Lookout is designed to protect your iPhone using four levels of security. It is very effective in dealing with such common problems as unlocked devices or problems with updates. The program also checks running applications for possible threats and reports about connecting to a dangerous WiFi network.

Lookout is equipped with anti-theft function, which includes tools that determine the location of the phone in case of loss or theft and an alarm that works even in silent mode. In addition, the application provides for the creation of a special message displayed on the screen of a locked device to restore it. There is also a backup option aimed at protecting contacts and media files.

All of the above features are free. However, those wishing to increase the functionality of the application for $ 9.99 per month can take advantage of the premium version. In this case, the application will report data leaks and the use of confidential information of device owners in the network, monitor social networks and help in case of loss of a credit card.

3. McAfee Mobile Security

Antivirus 2019

McAfee Mobile Security application functionality includes anti-theft technology, media storage protection tools and contact list backup.

Interestingly, photos and videos can be taken directly from the application, after which the files are encrypted and sent to a special media storage, which can be opened through a face identification or fingerprint scanner.

The anti-theft function includes a standard set of tools: determining the coordinates of a device on a map and starting an alarm in silent mode.

A distinctive feature of McAfee Mobile Security is that when you try to get into the file storage, a special camera is triggered, sending an attacker’s photograph to your email The application can also determine the location of the device and save it even in the case of low battery power.

An additional feature is the battery monitoring, which allows Apple Watch owners to check the battery charge status from the clock. Contacts are backed up automatically, it is also possible to delete all contacts if the phone is lost.

Perhaps McAfee Mobile Security is not the most creative antivirus for the iPhone, but for a free application, this application functions quite decently.

4. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Antivirus 2019

IPhone anti-virus protection includes not only protection against viruses contained in media files and malware, but also against threats on the Internet. That is why Trend Micro Mobile Security is trying to rid its users of the dangers that accompany online surfing.

The application contains built-in filters that can interact with several browsers, including Safari, and protect devices from infection by malicious pages. In addition, Trend Micro monitors and blocks unwanted advertising.

An interesting addition is the security check tool that protects the privacy of users when they are on Twitter or Facebook. Also, the application has its own, more secure browser.

Trend Micro can check the phone’s system configuration for problems and inconveniences, and a secure QR code scanner allows you to open secret links. The location of the stolen or lost device can be determined via Wi-Fi, GPS or cell phone towers.

However, to take advantage of all these features, you must pay $ 4.99 per month, or, in the case of an annual subscription, $ 29.9 per year or $ 49.9 per 2 years. If you are not sure that the premium version is right for you, the application provides a trial for a limited period of time.

5. F-Secure SAFE

Antivirus 2019

The F-Secure SAFE app is one of the best protection tools for IOS. Let’s start with the fact that it has its own browser that supports the safety of users while browsing the Internet, reducing the threat of infection by restricting access to malicious sites.

Everyone knows that the majority of purchases are now made on the Internet using payment cards, moreover, through mobile applications we carry out banking operations. Failure to observe this can lead to serious problems.

F-Secure SAFE checks all visited sites and informs whether they are “trusted”, that is, whether it is possible to use them to pay with a card.

In case of loss of the phone, F-Secure SAFE also uses a number of useful options, including a location tool and an alarm. However, the application does not imply additional options, such as erasing data or remotely locking the device.

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