Tips on Marketing Your Online Business

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Whether you’re starting a new business or just hoping to grow an existing one, you may need to develop your brand online. Here are some top tips for marketing your digital business.

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Consider Search Engine Optimisation

The more keywords you have on your site, the more visible it will be to search engines. When customers search for ‘web design’, the search results will bring up websites that feature those terms. Therefore, your website should be filled with the correct search terms to build a higher ranking in search engine results. Google is often the first port of call for many customers, so it’s important to utilise it.

Write a Blog

The Guardian discussed the ways that blogging can help to build a brand, stating that one interviewee ‘turned to the blogging community for help with promoting his new brand’ by harnessing the power of the blogging community to increase views to his page. Blogging on wider topics is a great way to make your website more interesting and to appeal to a wider audience.

Build a Unique Identity

Your brand needs to stand out from the crowd. If a customer is looking at many different websites, yours will need to grab their attention. A company that works on website design and focuses on the need to create a brand identity. The look and feel of the website should match the ethos of the company, whether it’s formal or informal or innovative or classic. Your website shouldn’t feel confused or boring but should represent everything that your company stands for and believes in.

Get Your Company Noticed

Make sure your company is listed on sites such as the Yellow Pages, and ensure that your current contact information is listed correctly and clearly. Customers expect to see a phone number, email address and even postal address; they are then able to contact you quickly and efficiently. As for social media, an article in the Telegraph explained that ‘You’ll also need to have it run by someone who really understands your business and the wider industry’.

You could try having a Brand launch event or even a corporate event to show case your company.  This would really get you noticed and start your business off with a kick.  Some businesses would be unsure where to start so you could contact an Events Agency Dublin company to help you with the organisation.  Online marketing can be an intimidating prospect for new businesses, but with these cornerstones of digital marketing, you will be able to develop your online presence and expand your customer base.


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