5 basic steps to have online presence mind and start to undertake

There are certain types of businesses or ventures that in principle do not seem to need to have an online presence mind, such as a hairdresser that already has its physical store or if you are a translator with a customer base. But I’m from a generation that believes that if something is not on the Internet, it does not exist.

And it’s true, it’s not that your business is not going to work without having an online presence mind. But I can assure you that being on the Internet adds points, many points.

The thing is that you have an idea in your head; you want to start on your own and ask yourself what are those basic things that you need so that people find you on the Internet. Costs a lot of money? It is very difficult?

To start having an online presence mind, you do not have to set up an online store to sell products or create a site with dozens of daily news. No, the thing is to start for the basics, those 5 things you have to do to tell the world: Hello world, here I am and this is what I offer

If you start from scratch with your venture, the first thing is to think the name. It may take days, but think about it, ask for an opinion, that is not complicated, that sounds good, nice, and easy to remember. Look it up in Google to verify that it does not exist or someone already has it registered. Fact? Then let’s start.

Create a professional email account

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There are servers, when you build a web page, that allows you to have a personalized mail, of the type maria.

If you have never opened an account with Google, in this article I explain how to create a Gmail email step by step . This way you will already have a specific e-mail address for professional topics.

Have an online presence mind creating a Facebook page

As an entrepreneur, whether you sell a physical product or a service, Facebook is one of the main ways of contacting your customers. Sure you have a personal profile in this social network, but for your professional side to have its own site, you have to open a Facebook page.

Having an online presence is fundamental for any enterprise,

Why? To interact with others, share notes promoting your services or knowledge, post photos of your work. There your followers will be able to keep abreast of the news of your company

Something very powerful of Facebook is the possibility of paying to promote your website or a product for a really VERY low cost. Low means that you can choose to spend … a dollar a day or a week or a month. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest. But it’s cheap advertising and it works.

Have an online presence using Twitter

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The reach of Twitter is more relative and depends a lot on what your venture is. I mean, it is not the same if your idea is to promote your services as an accountant if you are looking to sell handmade furniture. We agree. But still, everything has a place on Twitter.

If I use these examples, in both cases you can share tips, tips or notes of interest on the subject. It opens a place for you, it gives you more visibility and you never know when someone can find your information interesting and contact you. And it positions you, which is what we are looking for.

Create a website to have an online presence

Of course, this is very important. And maybe you tell me: it’s expensive, it’s difficult, I do not know how to do it. Soon I will share an article with the many options that there are in this regard. From the free and more basic, such as Blogger, through WordPress.com , to companies that are responsible for leaving everything simple enough for you to build a professional website for a low cost.

I started with Blogger, I went through WordPress.com and now I am using the services. They had recommended it to me and it has turned out to be quite simple to use. The advantage is that it is in USA and has an online support service that responds quickly. You can check if the address you want to put on your page is available, and in that case, register it.

Word press hosting

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Hosting plans range from $ 7 to $ 20 per month. I am using it and the truth is that I have no complaints. And yes, I told you that it was not expensive to have a professional website, I mean … less than $ 10 a month!

YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest: alternatives to consider

Of all that I share with you here, this is the secondary, the optional, what you may not have. However, I want to name you because in some cases they can really make a difference.

YouTube: if your business invites to share videos, YouTube is the place where you have to be. For example, if you are a stylist, you can show how you change the look of someone, or if you are coaching, give motivational videos. Also, when you reach 10,000 views, you can  put advertising on your channel and start generating revenue .

Instagram: if yours is the image, for that. Everything pretty finds its place in Instagram. Take neat and luminous photos of what you do or sell and upload them to Instagram without hesitation. I will tell you later on how to use this social network if you have not done so yet.

Pinterest: perhaps the least popular platform of which I will name you in this article. It serves to assemble panels of interesting images. Consider it especially if your business has to do with decoration, food … what is sold from the visual.

Essential ingredient to have online presence

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Constancy. That’s it. You can create a box, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and put together a website in one or two days. Now, the thing will not go anywhere if you let it hibernate.

To have an online presence mind, it is not enough to put your brand here and there but: you have to generate movement. That means:

  • Post several posts a week on Facebook, own or others, the issue is that the profile is updated.
  • Share at least one tweet per day, so the account does not seem abandoned
  • If you create a website with informative tickets, try to load at least one or two per month.


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