6 recommendations when buying a hosting

Are you thinking of buying a hosting? Before making a hasty decision, we recommend reading the following article.
The web hosting market, both in Chile and abroad, is quite wide and diverse. Therefore, buying hosting is not an easy task.

To successfully dive into the hosting market, we have
selected six essential features that you should consider before buying a web hosting.

However, at Creative we consider that it is necessary to explain two important points before looking for web hosting.

First, be careful with some comparisons of hosting available on the web, since the information is usually imprecise and biased.

Second, it is essential that you know your business.

You must know what your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are before choosing a hosting.

6 recommendations when buying a hosting

Storagerecommendations when buying a hosting

A project with a lot of traffic or use of multimedia files will need space. The ideal is to expand the server according to your requirements, therefore, the best option is to have scalable plans and backups to protect your information.

Backup copies or backupsrecommendations when buying a hosting

Before choosing any hosting service, you must take into account the security offered by the accommodation you choose. You will see that there are different frequencies and types, there are daily, weekly and monthly backups. Before any cyber attack there may be monetary or legal repercussions, it is best to invest in security.


How many people could become part of your team? You will have to answer these types of questions to avoid running out of emails. It is essential to know the number of squares you have available and the gigabytes of space.

Control Panelrecommendations when buying a hosting

Simple and easy-to-use management will simplify things. The control panel manages from email to the database. Having an unfriendly system will not be a good idea. At Creative we use Control Panel or cPanel, an administrator with a simple and highly secure interface.

Telephone technical support

The availability and speed of technical service can make a difference in the face of any inconvenience. No client or potential client will welcome a downed or troubled website. Make sure you choose a 24/7 service that is operational every day of the year, and that is in your country. The time and language difference could increase your problems.

Also, be sure to choose a hosting with telephone technical support; since it is the most effective method when solving emergencies or unforeseen events.


You can use all your energy to improve the speed of your hosting, however, you can never be fully optimized with slow hosting. How to know if hosting is slow or fast? You can test it with the following tools: Pingdom, GTmetrix, and PageSpeed ​​Insights. At Creative we have one GB nationally and 250 MB internationally, both have no limitations.

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