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The 8 best games for iPhone in 2018

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If you are looking for the best games, you do not have to look for more. We’re going to show you our selection of the best games for iPhone in 2018. We have many types, so you are sure to find a video game that catches your attention. We are going to see a selection that can be modified over time, but where surely all of them are.

Space Age: A Cosmic Adventurebest games for iPhone

It is the best adventure game that there is for iOS, being set in a retro-future in 1976. You will have to explore the galaxy and the story is quite entertaining and spectacular.

Lara Croft Gobest games for iPhone

Good option for mobile platforms in case you like the world of Tomb Raider. The puzzles are quite accomplished and have a quality soundtrack, as well as very intuitive controls. It is the best games for iPhone in 2018.

Minecraft – Pocket Editionbest games for iPhone

A famous construction game that has a good version for iOS. Very suitable to play on iPad. This Pocket Edition has modosos like Survival and Creative, in addition to the multiplayer option with a connection to the wireless network, infinite worlds, caves, etc. Each version improves more. It is one of the best games for iPhone in 2018.

Pokemon Gobest games for iPhone

This game was very fashionable and now the interest has dropped somewhat, which almost became sickly. It is still one of the most entertaining games for iPhone. You must find your Pokemon in real life and capture them. It is one of the best games for iPhone in 2018.

Planet Questbest games for iPhone

It is one of the rarest games on the iPhone. Become the lord of the universe and for this, you will have to dominate them all.

Clash Royalbest games for iPhone

If you want to play the most addictive game of the app store on your iPhone this is your turn. You must fight enemies from all over the world with your deck of characters. They will be battles of 3 minutes in which you will have to combine strategy and good cards.

The Room Threebest games for iPhone

A sequel to the famous ‘The Room’ and ‘The Room Two’. Room Three is a game of engines of physical characteristics in a tactile world of the most spectacular. It is one of the best games for iPhone in 2018.

To do this you have to put your skills at stake to solve the puzzle and go through several tests that will put a character of the most mysterious called the “Craftsman.” Although it was difficult to improve the saga, they have achieved it.

Wayward Soulsbest games for iPhone

It basically consists of battles, dragons, and RPGs, in a retro pixelated environment like the one we were in 20 years ago. A video game of the most special for the nostalgic.

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