Forget the limitations: send large files by email

Sometimes large files have to be sent by e-mail, and some of the most well-known clients. Such as Gmail- do not allow the file in question to be sent in the usual way due to its size. We show options so that you can send large files by email.

The solution that by default offers options such as the aforementioned Gmail or the Outlook service is to use the storage services in the cloud that have associated, such as Drive and OneDrive  -respectively-. But, this may be what you want to do. Since it forces you to take the initial step of uploading the large files to that place. With the loss of time that this entails and subtracting the space you have ( something important if you use the free v ersión of both online storage tools).

Solutions to send large files by emailsend large files by email

We will indicate two options that are accessed by using the browser, such as Chrome or Edge. And that allows you to send files as usual attachments. Therefore, the whole process of creation and sending is the most intuitive. Since you simply have to choose the file in question at the moment of sending the email -. By the way, in both cases has the additional attraction of being completely free solutions.

SendThisFilesend large files by email

The limit established by this tool, which is accessed through this link, is the number of transfers that are made, not if large files are sent. There is staying high, which costs nothing and the use is really simple :

Indicates the recipient’s email address in the box named  To

You can put a Subject to write an explanation text (in Subject and Message respectively)

Now in the Apartado Files, it is possible to choose directly from the equipment in which you are the file to send that can be up to 2 GB

Wait for this to be added and, now, you simply have to send by clicking on Send

By the way, good detail of this service that allows you to send large files by mail is that it is possible to protect the shipment by encryption.

DropSendsend large files by email

The best thing that this free tool offers is that it is very easy to use since it is not necessary to register. When opening the DropSend website you must fill in the form with the following information: sender’s email address (From); that of the receiver (To) and, optionally you can indicate an Asusto and add text (Subject and Message). With the use  DropSend you can send large files by email.

Now, simply click on the button called Select a File, choose the large files to be attached. And, once everything is the loaded-the time it takes depends on the size of the files. You must use the green element called Send Your File. That’s how simple everything is.


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