5 technological trends for 2019

Artificial intelligence and automation will have a great influence on the technological trends we can expect for 2019

2018 will mark a new direction for technology, mainly in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in which automation will be crucial for companies to generate competitive solutions in any industry.

These are some of the technologies that will be reinforced in 2019, according to an SAP report :

1. Blockchaintechnological trends

The financial future of the world is being transformed from this technology. The general expectation is that its potential will expand favorably into the future thanks to the security and profitability it provides to create and manage distributed databases, as well as maintaining records for digital transactions of all kinds. It will be technological trends for 2019.

According to SAP, both customers and partners show confidence regarding the blockchain’s potential thanks to its disruptive impact.

2. Immersive technologiestechnological trends

The interaction of human beings with technology advances more and more. The virtual reality and augmented reality have reached an important development that next year will have levels of innovation that will enhance the experience between the physical and virtual worlds. Therefore, we will see more 3D interaction, new use of data and its application in business practices.

3. Conversational systemstechnological trends

This type of technology, which allows the user to maintain direct communication with the machines, mainly for assistance services, is one of the technological trends that will remain in force in 2019.

The 80% of millennials prefer to give information to a robot than a human; that is why every time we see more companies that seek to have direct communication through chatbots because they are tools that facilitate a satisfactory and direct experience with companies without the need for human intervention.

4. Machine Learningtechnological trends

Augmented analytics is one of the technologies that has most blunted to 2019. The potential of big data and the automation of internal data management processes offer a world of solutions for companies that can save operating and administration costs.

5. Beyond the near future

The technological horizon looks very promising and new technologies will be developed over time.

Some of those that can be glimpsed in the long term are the following:

  • Roboticstechnological trends

Advances in this area tend to automate the devices to perform activities autonomously. It may be applied to objects such as drones, cars or assistance robots.

  • Human-machine convergence

The fusion between machines and human biology will be a reality that provides future medical solutions. This area is having an important development that in some years will cease to be only a theme of science fiction movies.

  • 4D printingtechnological trends

It is one of the technologies that will transform the landscape. Its progress will allow using different materials with the facility to transform. Something that could be used successfully in medical and health issues.


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