How To Stick A Protective Glass On Your Smartphone?

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Smartphones are an expensive and useful thing, but fragile enough, especially the screen itself, and therefore, in order to avoid scratches, chips and even cracks, you should protect your gadget with special protective glass.

To save your phone and continue its long-term operation, you can self-attach a protective glass to your smartphone.

What is a protective glass and what advantages does it have over the usual film for the screen of a smartphone?

The protective glass is made of durable flexible materials that greatly enhance the screen protection not only from scratches but also from the ability to break the display itself.

The protective glass perfectly and reliably “keeps” on the screen, which will help even an inexperienced person to easily stick it to your phone. Below you can find detailed instructions for attaching protective glass to your smartphone.

Phased instruction

  • The first step is to prepare your workplace – to wipe the surface of the table from dust and turn on the bright light, to once again prevent dust from entering under the glass. It is important that the surface is perfectly flat and horizontal in order to avoid unnecessary discomfort during operation.

How To Stick A Protective Glass On Your Smartphone?

  • It is necessary to thoroughly wash your hands so as not to leave streaks and grease stains under the protective glass, otherwise, in the future you can get rid of them only when you replace the protective glass again.
  • Next, you need to prepare the display itself – wipe the screen with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol or an alcohol wipe, and then wipe with a soft microfiber cloth to remove stains, dirt, dust and other possible interferences for later work.

How To Stick A Protective Glass On Your Smartphone?

  • The next step is already direct work with glass. Remove the protective film from the glass and gently hold it along the edges so as not to leave unnecessary streaks on the surface of the protective glass itself.

How To Stick A Protective Glass On Your Smartphone?

Then bring it to your smartphone and align it under the speaker and the main button (Home), and gently attach it to the phone screen.

How To Stick A Protective Glass On Your Smartphone?

If you notice that air bubbles have formed, then take a cloth and wipe these bubbles in the direction of the edges of the protective glass to let the air through and align the surface.

How To Stick A Protective Glass On Your Smartphone?

This procedure is fairly easy and fast, but painstaking, and not everyone will be able to perfectly perform their work from the first time. But if you carefully listen to the tips above and follow the instructions, then the chances of properly sticking the protective glass on the smartphone will increase significantly.

The composition of a protective glass

On average, protective glass has a thickness of about 0.2-0.3 mm and consists of five layers:

  1. Silicone base – provides a secure glass mount on the smartphone screen.
  2. Holding layer performs the function of “deterring” fragments, if you accidentally break the screen. The glass will hold the fragments and will not allow the screen to crumble into pieces.
  3. Antiblock layer – helps to avoid dimming the screen.
  4. The protective layer is, in fact, the most important, since it is it that gives the glass stability when exposed to various mechanical damages.
  5. The oleophobic layer is a layer that actively repels moisture and affects the unhindered sliding of fingers across the screen.

Based on all of the above, it is easy to draw a conclusion and understand the advantages of protective glass over a conventional film on smartphones. If you really want to maximally protect your phone from unforeseen circumstances, then the protective glass will be an excellent solution that in the future will help save your money.

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