3 solutions to boost the WiFi signal at home

More than ever, the quality of the Internet is an issue to be able to work, communicate and have fun. But it happens that WiFi can not “cross” the walls that separate you from your box. Several solutions exist to amplify or repeat the wireless signal. Here are all the possibilities!

1. Repeat and amplify the wireless signalsolutions to boost the WiFi signal at home

With a WiFi repeater, you can recover the WiFi signal from your Internet Box and broadcast it in the uncovered part of your home. No additional cable (apart from the power supply), these WiFi repeaters pick up the signal from the Box and simply repeat it themselves. Practice not? Some have a wireless signal “amplifier” function to boost your speed and reach several hundred meters of Wi-Fi coverage.

It is not always easy to know where to position it. It must be far enough from the box to significantly extend the range of WiFi, without moving too far to receive sufficient speed.

Note: WiFi repeaters are also equipped with devices to secure your connection and thus transfer your files without fear of intrusion. Others, like the AirPort Express, allow you to associate with your audio system (speakers, Hi-Fi system …) to wirelessly stream music from your computer using iTunes  (PC or Mac) thanks to  AirPlay.

Netgear also offers repeaters that use WiFi Mesh technology. This maximizes the capacities of the Internet box as much as possible and keeps the same network name everywhere in the house.

2. Use your electrical outlets

If the thickness of your walls or landings does not at all allow the WiFi signal to be broadcast from one room to another within your home, another solution exists CPL and CPL-WiFi kits. This type of kit allows you to extend your network and broadcast your Internet connection via WiFi from any electrical outlet in your electrical installation. This solution is only valid on a single electrical circuit.

3. WiFi systems offered by NETGEAR and Google

The Netgear Orbi or Google WiFi WiFi systems are composed of one or more units: a base that connects to your box by wire. If that is not enough, you can supplement it with a satellite to be placed in another strategic room to extend the WiFi network. The goal is to replace the WiFi of the box to offer a higher speed allowing streaming in 4K or to ensure the simultaneous connection of several devices. If two bollards are not enough to cover your entire house, including the garden, you can add bollard.

Why replace the WiFi of the box?

Depending on the generation of boxes you have, the WiFi protocol is more or less efficient. So if your box is configured for a WiFi connection at 300 or 400 Mbit / s, having a fiber subscription with a speed of 1 Gbit/ s will not help you. The “WiFi pipes” in the box are too small to take advantage of the Internet speed offered by the operator. Today, the number of connected devices has exploded between the computer, the game console, tablets and smartphones, and other connected objects. Acquiring a powerful WiFi makes it possible to avoid untimely cuts.

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