Top 10 Best Photo Editors For PC

With the advent of digital cameras, everyone has the opportunity to take an unlimited number of frames and capture every moment of their life. Manufacturers of modern cameras and smartphones are adding new technologies to their devices that allow them to “improve” their images with the help of effects and artificial intelligence, but often the final result is still different from the desired one.

The user wants to add colors, remove unnecessary objects, retouch a portrait, put an inscription on a photo or make a “masterpiece” by pressing one button. Professionals for such tasks use complex graphic editors, but for home correction it is enough to install a simple photo editor for Windows and start working.

Among the various solutions for photo processing, we selected photo editors for PC; it is the PC that is still the most convenient tool for processing images, and not a tablet or smartphone. Some of the programs can be downloaded for free, but most of the photo editors for Windows 7 or Windows 10 are paid, namely, these operating systems are most popular in home PCs. We did not include professional solutions in the review, so the processing of photos in them may be too difficult for the user, but limited to simple photo editors.

The most popular tasks that a simple photo editor should solve are color correction (preferably automatic), cropping, portrait retouching, changing the background and applying effects. Also, from a simple photo editor for a computer, the user is waiting for a convenient, intuitive and multiple-language interface, the presence of lessons and technical support. We set these requirements to the programs selected for review in order to determine the leader.

Each developer positions his photo editor as a simple, convenient and versatile solution for photo processing, and indeed, the set of tools they have is very similar, each program from our selection is able to cope with the task, so for us the main criterion will be the user experience rating from the program (QoE) – the more convenient and pleasant to handle personal photos. Each photo editor will be rated on a scale of impressions from 1 to 10, and we will not rate individual features.

Photo Editors For PC

One of two free photo editors of our collection. The program interface is reminiscent of professional solutions, such as Adobe Photoshop, only functions and capabilities are much less. With, you can solve the problem posed by processing a photo, but this process cannot be called intuitive and simple. This photo editor is more suitable for work purposes, and not home creative work.


  • Free
  • Multi-language interface
  • Workspace not overloaded with tools
  • Small size of installation files
  • Supports layers
  • It is not exacting to the PC resources


  • No handy wizards with a preview of the result
  • Help and lessons in English
  • Few automatic functions, retouching tasks and background replacements must be done manually.
  • Slowly applies selected effects.
  • Interface for work, not creativity
  • Primitive text processing capabilities

PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X photo editor is available in two versions – paid and free, we chose the second. Its functionality is limited, some tools are only available in Pro, but the available options should be enough for simple processing tasks. In addition to photo processing, PhotoScape X will allow you to take screenshots, create GIFs, merge images into collages, delete backgrounds, and apply inscriptions and stickers from a rich library. The application interface is modern and quite comfortable, only in English, it will not be easy to deal with all its functions.


  • Free for the version with basic functionality
  • Modern interface
  • A large library of effects and stickers
  • Many additional features (catalog, GIF, collages, etc.)
  • The site has video tutorials and instructions.
  • Works fast


  • Installed only through the Windows store
  • Interface, help and lessons in English
  • Limitations of functions in the free version
  • Demanding RAM
  • No photo editing wizard


Photo Editor PhotoMaster from the software developer AMS Software exists only in the paid version; on the other hand, for a small amount, the user receives a convenient and well-developed photo processing tool. From the developer’s site, you can download a free trial version and evaluate all the features. Unlike other programs, PhotoMaster really allows you to automate the “improvement” of a photo as much as possible, its interface is simple and clear – all operations are done with a few clicks, and you don’t need to deal with toolbars. On the developer’s website there are dozens of detailed video tutorials and articles that will allow you to quickly understand the program’s functions and start your work. With PhotoMaster processing of test frames took the least time.


  • Convenient multi-language interface
  • Automation and ease of photo processing
  • The function of semi-automatic replacement of the background in the photos
  • The ability to fine-tune the effects
  • Automatic retouching of portraits
  • Rich base of various effects and filters
  • Lessons and technical support
  • Low cost
  • It is not exacting to computing resources


  • Only paid version
  • No function to work with layers
  • Only dark interface theme
  • No drawing function

Zoner Photo Studio X

Strange in all respects, photo editor Zoner Photo Studio X bribes with its low price, but it is disappointing in terms of functionality. Its interface is inconvenient, there are few presets for effects and filters, and the speed is low. The developers tried to combine Lightroom and Photoshop in the same application, and it didn’t really work out either. We award this photo editor the “neither fish nor meat” award.


  • Multi-language interface
  • The ability to create a catalog of photos
  • Low cost
  • Function creation of photo books and calendars
  • Multiple format support


  • It is slow
  • Inconvenient and slow interface
  • No ability to automatically remove the background
  • No automatic “enhancement” tools.
  • A small number of built-in effects

Photo Instrument

Photo Editor Photo Editor – hello from the distant past. Although the program has a Multi-language interface, it is able to discourage any desire for creativity. Several tools for photo editing and retouching are supplemented with third-party plug-ins for applying effects. Scaling photos rough, the application of the selected effects is slow, add text and did not work. The only thing you can do with this photo editor is to retouch portraits and remove unnecessary objects from a photo. We do not recommend this program, especially for 1900 rubles, which are asked by the developers.


  • Multi-language interface
  • There are special tools for processing portraits
  • Takes up little disk space
  • Support for third-party plug-ins
  • Ability to save animation in GIF
  • Work function remove unwanted objects


  • Only paid version
  • Archaic interface
  • Slowly applies selected effects.
  • No background removal feature
  • No automatic “enhancement” tools.
  • No text effects
  • Does not support RAW
  • 8 tutorials in total

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo editor can be called a professional solution, its functionality is very close to products like Photoshop. This is its strengths and weaknesses. A large number of tools for processing gives room for creativity – if you have already worked with similar editors, then Affinity Photo will be an excellent working application. Beginners who want to quickly process photos, add effects and inscriptions will be difficult, as clear and convenient “masters” are missing. If you are looking for an inexpensive replacement for Photoshop, then this is a good choice, and for home amateur use it is too complicated.


  • Modern multi-language interface
  • Many tools for processing and correction of photographs, including retouching
  • A large number of text and video lessons
  • Simultaneous work with multiple files
  • Layer support
  • Capable of replacing professional solutions


  • Only paid version
  • Very difficult for beginners interface
  • No automatic tools and processing wizards
  • Demanding on PC RAM

Photoshop Elements 2019

Photoshop Elements 2019 is a simplified version of the most famous editor. The developers took all the best that is in a professional solution and packed it into a simple and intuitive interface with many automatic functions. There were also simultaneous work with several files, and layers, and support for multiple formats, and the ability to fine-tune the image, but added automated photo processing, text effects, quick selection, the ability to create collages, simple organization of a catalog of photos. Not to mention the huge base of educational materials and good technical support. The main disadvantages are the price and the huge size of the installation files.


  • Modern, easy and convenient multi-language interface
  • Full control over the processing of photographs or automatic adjustment
  • Work with layers and multiple files
  • Excellent learning base
  • Built-in presets, effects, and filters
  • Adobe Sensei AI technology
  • It’s like a professional solution, only for home.


  • Demanding PC resources
  • High price
  • Takes up a lot of disk space
  • Despite the convenient interface, it is necessary to understand and get used to it.

Luminar 3

This application is no longer related to photo editors, but to specialized applications for cataloging and retouching, such as Lightroom. With the help of Luminar 3, you can manually or with ready-made presets to decorate and process photos. The application interface is simple and intuitive; in the toolbar on the right, filters are selected to adjust the image. Filters are both manual and automatic. Additionally, you can crop a photo, delete unnecessary objects, or clone individual details of a photo. The program loads the processor heavily and requires a lot of RAM, on an average performance PC it works very slowly. For those who are engaged in the “development” of images – can replace Lightroom.


  • Clear interface in multi-language
  • The ability to create a catalog of photos
  • Excellent tools for retouching and color correction
  • There are automated filters that allow you to quickly make a “masterpiece”
  • Interesting built-in presets


  • High price
  • Demanding on PC resources
  • Does not work very fast and stable
  • No tools for creating labels and stamps
  • It is not possible to automatically remove the background.

PaintShop Pro 2019

Another alternative to Photoshop, which the developer immediately states is PaintShop Pro 2019 photo editor. After the first launch, there is a feeling that you will have to do everything again with your hands, but the developers of this program have provided quite a lot of tools for beginners, and the multi-language leadership will help to deal with them. “Adult” functions are working with layers, fine correction of photos, retouching tools, and for home use, auto-correction, removal of unnecessary objects, beautiful filters and other “improvers”. Unlike other professional editors, PaintShop Pro 2019 is not resource intensive and takes up a bit of disk space. Recommended to professionals who earn creative work on the cost of this photo editor, and for home use – you can choose an editor cheaper.


  • Easy multi-language interface
  • A set of tools allows you to manually handle photos, and use automatic presets
  • Allows you to work with multiple files and layers
  • Detailed textbook
  • High speed, not demanding on resources
  • A large set of creative filters and interesting effects.
  • Professional solution
  • Plugin support


  • High price
  • The interface requires addiction
  • Some features are not intuitive, have to learn how to work
  • Video tutorials and help in English

DxO Photolab 2

The most expensive photo editor of our review is DxO Photolab 2. This is a 100% professional solution for developing and processing photos. Full control over all image parameters, very convenient tools for processing local image zones, support for all possible cameras and lenses, automatic or manual work. Also a good set of starting presets for applying effects to photos. Excellent tools for creating a catalog of photos and work with all formats. Professionals will appreciate the quality, beginners and amateurs will choose photo editors easier and cheaper.


  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Full control over the processing of photos
  • Convenient catalog of photos
  • Support for all possible cameras and lenses
  • Automatic optics distortion correction
  • Convenient local correction tool
  • Progressive photo noise reduction systems
  • The photo editor is used by famous professionals.


  • Very high price
  • English interface
  • Demanding PC resources
  • No amateur features

Our Choice

We have tested 10 photo editors of various levels and prices, and yet we should choose not the most functional or progressive one, which will be convenient to use for periodic home processing of photos. Free solutions either have few features or are inconvenient to use, so the user will have to choose a paid photo editor for the computer. So, what kind of photo editor is better for a computer? A simple and convenient PhotoMASTER has become the leader of our review. It received the title of “best photo editor for Windows.”

Its functions are enough to perform photo processing, apply labels, delete unnecessary objects, or replace the background. It has a simple and clear interface, a lot of lessons and instructions. The case when after 5 minutes of working with the program you get the desired result. Programs paid, but its price compares favorably with foreign counterparts.

None of the programs presented in the review received 10 points, because no matter how comfortable and functional a tool is, only a human hand can make a “masterpiece”.

AH Sagar

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