The 10 best BitTorrent clients

We offer you a list with the best BitTorrent clients for our Windows-based computers, macOS, Linux and more, 10 basic applications if we want to enjoy a fast, safe and simple software for our internet downloads. And despite the fact that this type of programs is often associated with illicit activities in the network of networks, it is always advisable to have a tool at the height to download large files through the Internet, whether in personal or professional environments, very used by companies to manage their applications and files downloads. Then, the best BitTorrent clients for Internet downloads, from very popular applications with years behind them to new programs that adapt to the needs of all types of users.

The best BitTorrent clients

Below we offer you the 10 best BitTorrent clients of today, applications of proven quality and total trust that offer different types of services; Choose the ones that best suit your needs.

qBittorrentbest BitTorrent clients

The client qBittorrent is one of the most popular and with more followers for many years; not in vain, it is a software of proven quality with a clear, ordered and simple interface, an open and multiplatform application that allows simultaneous downloads without a problem. In addition, and from the options menu, you can install your own search engine using a plugin; It is also possible to add trackers and the playback of multimedia contents while downloading.

BitTorrentbest BitTorrent clients

This is another option of the μTorrent operators, again, with a paid version and free with limitations. Like the other client, it offers virus scanners and multimedia content playback while they are downloaded, although we can choose the free version with advertising and the option to install adware in its installation process.

BitCometbest BitTorrent clients

An option to take into account if we have Windows and, being free, we only have to deal with advertisements and advertising every so often. Luckily, it offers many options and we can even install a plugin to download files from the eMule network. In addition to playing multimedia files while they are downloaded, automatic shutdown after downloading and even virus scanning.

μTorrentbest BitTorrent clients

This is another of the major references in the sector of Internet downloads, although in recent times its managers have opted for the payment business model ; luckily, we can get a free version, yes, much more limited than the original client, although it allows fast downloads with automatic management of the bandwidth of our internet connection. It also allows the reproduction of multimedia content while downloading, although we must be careful with its installation since by default it installs two adware; we will only have to deactivate them in the installation. It is one of the best BitTorrent clients.

Delugebest BitTorrent clients

One of the clients with more platforms at your fingertips, since it is compatible with Windows, macOS, GNU /Linux, Debian, BSD Unix, Suse, Fedora, Arch or Gentoo, among others, thanks to its open-source status. At the interface level, it is committed to a simple design, very similar to the previous ones. With several layers of modules to which add plugins of all kinds. Thus allowing more advanced users to have full control over their downloads.


Formerly known as Azureus, it is one of the clients with more travel. Although its free version is too conditioned to advertising and constant announcements; and is that its paid version offers advantages such as automatic playback, analysis of viruses or malware and the absence of ads. On the other hand, it offers HD video playback, video converter for different devices (iOS, PlayStation or Xbox). And a simple and intuitive interface, as well as an option to turn off after downloading or your own search engine to find links in Google.

Transmissionbest BitTorrent clients

A very simple and accessible client for users looking for basic tools without major complications. With versions for Windows, macOS and several GNU /Linux. And despite being a simple application, it offers everything we need to manage our downloads. From encryption to support for magnet links, through the editor of trackers, messaging, add-ons or speed limits, among others. It even offers versions compatible with NAS multimedia hard drives to optimize its performance. It is one of the best BitTorrent clients.


A fairly new application that aims to attract users of the most classic customers with a modern and current interface; so much so, that it combines torrent clients with others of direct download like the popular jDownloader. And as in other cases, it is offered in a paid and free version; In the second case, we have torrents download, direct download files and online videos of medium quality. The paid version adds premium direct download accounts and downloading online videos in HD quality.

LIII BitTorrent Client

The advantage of this client is the minimum impact at the level of resources in our PC. And accessible open source client that will hardly need resources from our computer to work in the background. It offers typical tools such as downloading URLs or Magnet links, guaranteeing a more than decent download speed. In addition, its interface is really accessible, suitable for all kinds of users.


Despite the adware that we must disable in its installation, it is a download client very small in size. And with hardly any impact on our PC. In addition, it loads very fast and the app has its own search engine with information from the original sources, for our peace of mind. Finally, it has an integrated multimedia player that allows its reproduction while downloading. As well as the possibility of sharing our own folders and files through its directories.


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