7 tips for customer service in social networks

Social networks– Digital channels have emphasized the importance of offering excellent customer service. Consumers have been given more knowledge and options; and to obtain their loyalty. Brands have been forced to compete with each other to exceed expectations and improve customer service in social networks.

Social platforms such as Facebook influence customers’ online and offline purchases every day. And remind brands of the importance of providing the best customer service through different channels.

Improve your customer service channels in social networks by following these tips:

Be transparent

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Social networks have given consumers more power because they offer platforms on which they can express their opinions. For brands, this freedom of expression can be like a double-edged sword.

There is no better publicity than a tweet from a happy customer with your product or service.

But just as a tweet has positive power, this can also have a negative power. If a client uses a tweet to publicly say a problem he had with your product or service. The impact can cause irreparable damage, hence the importance of attention to the client in social networks.

However, regardless of whether the tweet is negative or positive, you can use these interactions with the public in your favor. It only depends on how you decide to act in these types of conversations.

Although it is somewhat tempting, avoid deleting negative comments that your customers leave on your social networks or block users. Doing this can make customers more angry and can even lead to a customer creating a new account to comment on something again.

Use a client’s complaint as an opportunity to show interest in their needs, show them that you care. And do what you can to satisfy them. Answer them publicly, acknowledge the problem and confirm your desire to help them. This will make the rest of the users see you as a brand that has an interest in their customers and that values ​​them. This will also make you stand out from your competition in customer service in social networks.

Once you have recognized the error publicly, you can communicate personally with the client through email or private messages.

Be receptive

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Your service hours can be from Monday to Friday from 9 to 6 pm, but if your organization decides to use social networks as a channel of customer service. You should consider that users on the networks are ubiquitous and that most of the time they wait for instant answers.

Most people who complain on Twitter expect response from the organization’s account in less than an hour. This shows that organizations that want social networks to be one of their customer service channels always They must be pending.

If your organization has the resources, I recommend that you assign the responsibilities of customer service through social networks. And the management of these to more than one of your employees as long as both work with the same strategy. And follow the rules. Of the brand.

Establish the criteria that allow your social network managers prioritize answers and conversations with customers. Encourages these employees to install the necessary applications on their cell phones so that they are always on the lookout. And can respond to complaints or problems instantly, these applications can really serve you wonderfully.

Take advantage of what they tell you in social networks

Many brands do not listen to their customers on social media, at least not as well as brands believe they do. In fact. It is considered that 46.6% of the brands are involved with any client / person that mentions them on Twitter. But that more than a third of the brands do not respond correctly to the direct questions they receive. And almost all the brands ignore complaints that are not labeled correctly. Fortunately, there are tools that can help brands in customer service in social networks.

You can use these search functions especially on social networks like Facebook or Twitter to find the times that network users mention your brand.

These tools allow you to track / monitor any reference that a user has with your brand. Your products or services from different social channels. You can even set alarms that notify you when a person mentions your brand. In this way you will never miss the opportunity to promote a positive conversation with your customers.

Expand the knowledge of your product

To truly optimize your customer service in social networks you will need to minimize your response ranges. And for that you must respond instantly to the different types of questions that your customers may have about your products or services.

Those responsible for social networks are the conduit between a brand and its public, this means that. It is no longer the task of a sales representative to know everything about the product or service that a brand offers.

If you are in charge of the social networks of a brand. You also have the potential to be their best promoter and defender.

Demonstrating a great knowledge about the products or services can instantly create the start of a positive customer experience. And can even make the customer more confident before making their purchase.

Create a document that contains all the features and benefits of your company’s products or services. And make it available to all people in charge of managing social networks. This will allow them to respond to customers’ questions instantaneously.

Make sure you consider everything from the characteristics of your products, to the methods and prices of shipments. So you will be recognized for the customer service in social networks that you provide.

Organize all your customer service channels on social networks

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Your brand needs to be able to create a multi channel customer experience that is perfect for users, no matter what channel they choose or the device they use.

If you can offer this to your customers, you are guaranteed that there will be greater satisfaction on your part. And that you will achieve greater customer retention. Several studies show that clients who receive a good experience can be up to 10 times more loyal.

If your brand uses different channels as a point of contact, you need to be able to handle each of these effectively. Keep in mind that your main objective should be to respond quickly and successfully to comments / questions from customers.

If a client sends you a message on Facebook, avoid asking them to send an email to the customer service team.

It adapts the social channel to the needs of each client. I recommend you always be available, at all points of contact. Do not forget that a customer is more likely to share a negative message than a positive message about your experience with your brand. So you should always be on the lookout for customer service channels in social networks.

Add a personal touch

Show your client that you care. Digital channels have made it easy for brands to offer a more personal service. Social networks can allow companies to be more helpful and be more aware of customers. But it is important that the quality of responses to customer questions in these channels are quality responses.

It is better to use your name and that of the client in a conversation, than to respond as a faceless brand. Since doing this creates a more positive connection between brand-client.

When you send emails, use an authentic photo as a profile picture, doing this adds an element of humanity to your interaction and several studies have shown that doing this increases the customer conversion ranges.

When you can do it, show your knowledge about the client, check the information you have in your CRM tool, have your Twitter profile open, etc.

Showing interest in your clients and treating them in a special way will indicate that you value them and will ensure that your loyalty is assured for a long time.

Be kind, listen and do not be afraid to add a bit of your personality in the conversation, regardless of whether you carry out customer service or not in social networks.

When appropriate, you can even add a little humor to the interaction. This will make the clients have a more positive view of you.

Ask for feedback

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The digital world is driven by data, and once you have turned your customer service into an online tool, there is no going back, it is important to get feedback to improve.

Asking customers for feedback can not always be a pleasant thing, since no one likes to hear criticism about their work. However, positive and negative feedback can offer your brand invaluable insights that you can ultimately use to your advantage.

If you have solved a customer problem, you can send them a link to an online survey, QuestionPro is an effective tool, with a concise number of questions to rate your performance. Be sure to make the questions clear and to the point, just ask questions that offer answers with essential and important information.


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