How To Use A Smartphone As A Modem For A Laptop

In the era of universal computerization and the development of the Internet, this question interests many users. After all, the Wi-Fi signal, and even more so the wired network is not always available. While the mobile Internet can be used anywhere. The main thing is to have high-quality cellular coverage of your mobile operator. Moreover, the speed of data transmission in 3G and 4G networks allows you to comfortably use the Internet. You can also use your smartphone as a modem for your laptop.

Ways to connect your smartphone as a modem

A modem is a compact mobile device that allows you to create an Internet access point in the network coverage area. But with the development of technology, these devices have ceased to be relevant, since any smartphone can be used as a modem. It is very convenient and you do not need to spend money to buy a separate gadget. Consider the basic ways to connect your smartphone as a modem for a laptop:

  • using a smartphone as a Wi-Fi router ;
  • Connect your smartphone as a modem via USB output;
  • operation of the smartphone in Bluetooth modem mode.

How To Use A Smartphone As A Modem For A Laptop

How to use your smartphone as a router

Not everyone knows that a modern smartphone can act not only as a client of a wireless network but also be a full-fledged router. In this case, it is able to replace the adapter and become an access point simultaneously for several devices that have a Wi-Fi module. At the same time, the phone does not need to be connected with a cable to a laptop and you can use the Internet throughout the entire range.

To activate this feature, you need to enable data transfer via the mobile network in the system notification curtain of your smartphone. In the same place, in the Wi-Fi menu you need to activate the access point by making the following settings:

  • set the network name;
  • select the frequency of data transmission (from the list of available);
  • set a password (or disable it).

If there are no data icons in the curtain of smartphone notifications, then they can be found in the android settings menu. After performing these simple steps, a new access point with the specified name will appear in the menu of the notebook “Wireless Networks”. By connecting to it and entering a password if necessary, you can freely use the Internet.

How To Use A Smartphone As A Modem For A Laptop?

Smartphone as a Bluetooth modem

Another wireless way to connect a laptop to the network via a smartphone is to use it as a Bluetooth modem. This option is useful in the case when you do not have a USB cable, and high data transfer speed is not required. At the same time, battery consumption is noticeably reduced, which allows you to use the Internet for a long time.

To activate this type of connection, you must enable the Bluetooth function in your phone and in the settings to enable visibility for other devices. Next, in the settings of the smartphone, you need to activate the mode “Bluetooth-modem”. Then on the laptop, you need to run a search for devices in sight. Among the list that appears, you need to select a smartphone that works as a modem.

To pair the two devices, you will need to enter a numeric confirmation code that appears on the laptop monitor. After synchronization of the devices, the automatic installation of drivers on the portable PC will begin. Then, in the list of wireless connections, a newly available network will appear, through which you will be connected to the Internet. It should be noted that the data transfer rate when using this method will be approximately 10 times less than when using a smartphone as a router.

How To Use A Smartphone As A Modem For A Laptop?

Connecting a smartphone as a modem via USB output

Using a smartphone as a modem for a laptop computer has one major drawback – the limited battery power of the phone. The following method can solve this problem. It consists of connecting the smartphone as a USB modem. This feature is present in all smartphones starting with version 4 of the Android OS.

To do this, you need to connect the phone cable to the laptop. Then in the settings of wireless networks activate the item “Modem Mode”. After that, the android will work in the virtual network card mode, which does not require the installation of special software. A smartphone, like a USB modem for a laptop, will provide your device with stable internet.

We looked at how to connect a smartphone with Android OS as a modem for laptops with Windows OS. In this case, there are no options that would guarantee a successful connection of the android to the MacBook. To do this, use the iPhone, which is very easy to synchronize with a laptop from Apple.


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