The Most Amazing Benefits Of The iphone XS

iPhone XS can be called an improved version of the iPhone X. Surely you wonder what are the most obvious advantages of a fresh smartphone from Apple. After a few moments, you will satisfy your curiosity. So let’s get started.The Most Amazing Benefits Of The iphone XS

Take incredibly beautiful photos with a dual camera

The camera of the new iPhone XS is pretty much refreshed, which means that the appearance in your collection of a large number of photo globes will not take long to wait.

Compared to last year’s iPhone X, the camera of a fresh XR boasts a large number of different sensors and software enhancements that take photos and videos to a new level.

Note that the dual module of the main camera has an optical zoom and can take amazing portrait photos with a blurred background. Moreover, you can even adjust the degree of blur manually.

Also, it is impossible not to select the function of Smart HDR. It will allow you to get high-quality photos even when shooting against the sun. In this case, even the smallest details of the surrounding landscape will be recorded in the picture.

Enjoy the impressive stereo sound of the iphone XS

The Most Amazing Benefits Of The iphone XS

The smartphone is equipped with very loud stereo speakers. Now you will get even more pleasure from listening to your favorite music and watching movies.

The wide separation of sound makes audio scenes more impressive than on devices with just one speaker.

Work longer

The battery capacity of the iPhone XS is 2658 mAh, iPhone XS MAX – 3179 mAh

Such indicators are quite enough for the average use of a smartphone during the working day. iPhone XS can play video for about an hour longer than last year the iPhone the X.

Also, iPhone XS supports fast charging technology. In modern realities, this feature has become an absolute necessity.

Improved Face ID

The Most Amazing Benefits Of The iphone XS

Now, this function works much faster, which is good. This was largely due to the significantly upgraded Neural Engine network embedded in the processor.

Simultaneous support for two sim cards

The Most Amazing Benefits Of The iphone XS

Finally, this opportunity has reached the iPhone. Now the “apple” smartphone can fully work with two sim-cards. But here, of course, it is worth making some amendments. One of these cards will be virtual. While for us it looks like something unusual, but very soon the situation can change dramatically. Already, some Russian operators are conducting active testing of electronic sim cards that do not require physical presence in the phone. Although the Chinese version of XS Max supports two physical Sim cards.

Beautiful screen

The Most Amazing Benefits Of The iphone XS

The OLED screen of the new iPhone is very cool. It allows you to admire pure black shades, high color accuracy, and support for HDR technology, which will be especially useful when watching movies.

Also, the new screen is based on the True Tone feature. It automatically monitors the correct white balance so that you can enjoy a quality image at any time, regardless of the light conditions of the environment.

Water protection

The Most Amazing Benefits Of The iphone XS

The moisture rating of the iPhone XS is upgraded to ip68. It is worth noting that this is the maximum value for mobile devices.

Now you can immerse your smartphone 2 meters underwater and keep it there for up to 30 minutes.

It is important that Apple has tested this feature in chlorinated and saline liquids, which are known to be much more destructive for electronics than ordinary water. However, remember that Apple has the right to refuse warranty service if it turns out that any defect was caused by liquid getting inside the device.

Incredible performance

The Most Amazing Benefits Of The iphone XS

For computing power in the iPhone XS meets the latest processor Apple A12 Bionic, whose potential is complemented by a smart neural network with the function of machine learning.

If we discard all the dry numbers and technical facts, then we can say that the processor is incredibly powerful. Judge for yourself. The new chip can handle up to 5 trillion computing operations. In just one second! In the recent past, this was absolute fiction. Advanced video recording.

Apple claims that the iPhone XS is superior to any other smartphone on the market in terms of video shooting.

The upgraded camera system provides improved dynamic range and a significant reduction in light output. As a result, the captured video turns out really very high quality.

Augmented Reality Support

The Most Amazing Benefits Of The iphone XS

One of the key advantages of the iPhone XS. Thanks to some innovations, AR-games and applications became available to users.

The main camera module perfectly defines flat and flat surfaces, which means that you can get a completely new AR experience. Frontalka, in turn, acquired the system True Depth, which is needed to create a 3D-background and various colorful effects.


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