The Top shows like Elite you never miss to watch

If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you’ve already watched one or both seasons of Elite. And surely you have been wanting to see more. Luckily for you, here we will recommend the best shows like Elite. You can watch these series on Netflix, HBO and/or Amazon Prime Video.

And while new seasons arrive, we can continue to enjoy series similar to Elite, below, our recommendations. We hope you enjoy them! Also read: The best sites like Omegle

Shows like Elite

The great Spanish series captivated many by combining various elements that have undoubtedly been a total success. Mainly because of the talented cast of young people, in addition, the approach to current problems that concern adolescents has been very successful. Adding up the mystery and intrigue, it has kept all viewers wanting more seasons of Elite. Here is a list of series similar to Elite that you cannot miss.

shows like Elite

Gossip girl

Gossip Girl is one of the series that has the most similarities shows like Elite, so there is no doubt that you will like it. The series is based on the story or novel of the same name by Cecily von Ziegesar. This tells us the life of some teenagers, children of the New York elite who go to the Upper East Side high school.

The protagonist and what stands out the most is the blogger known as Gossip Girl, who, as in other series such as Elite, narrates the gossip, gossip and experiences within the educational institute.

The main plot in this series is the themes of teenage romances, love triangles, breakups, cheating, sex, unwanted pregnancies, family problems, drugs, discrimination, etc. Enjoy Gossip Girl on Netflix.

Physics or chemistry

Unlike elite that was released a few years ago by Carlos Moreno with Darío Madrona for Netflix. Carlos launched the series called Física o Química in 2008, which was a great success among Spanish teenage audiences. Clearly physical or chemical it is a series similar to elite since it was produced by the same platform.

This series takes us to the corridors of a private institute, Zurbarán, it is a study center located in Madrid. It is there where most of the plot takes place, where we see students and teachers day after day facing different situations. Worries, affairs, affairs, drugs, alcohol, sex, unwanted pregnancy and other interests affect the lives of adolescents.

For thirteen reasons

For thirteen reasons or also known as 13 reasons why, it is one of the series that you should see after having seen Elite since they are very similar and interesting. It also has similarities with the Spanish show, it is set in a high school like the previously mentioned series. In this institute, there is also rejection and discrimination in some students by their classmates.

Inspired by the eponymous book by Jay Ashert, the plot consists of the tragedy that happens at the institute. In which a student has committed suicide, but before the event, the girl recorded some cassette tapes. In the film, he not only tells the reasons and circumstances of the suicide, he also explains the role that 13 other people have had in his history.

From the tape a hard investigation will begin, secrets will come to light. The series has 4 seasons in which it fully addresses issues such as bullying, drug and alcohol use, rapes, etc. If you already feel like watching them, it is available on Netflix.

The internship

Like physics and chemistry, El internado is another of the most popular series in Spain about teenagers. It is one of the elite-like series that triumphed in the first decade of the 2000s. This time, instead of placing us in a high school, the series places us in the Laguna Negra boarding school.

The boarding school keeps dark secrets that will be discovered one by one. The intrigue and mystery take us to Elite, in addition to the conflicts and typical themes of the series about adolescents. However, it is a very original series with well-applied elements that make us pay attention to every detail in each chapter.

With the disappearances and murder the drama and mystery increase, in each investigation, the intrigue eats away at us for knowing the truth. If you have enjoyed Elite, I am sure you will like the boarding school. Its seven seasons are on Amazon Prime Video.

Little Liars

Little Liars, is about four young people who formed a group of friends led by Alison DiLaurentis. Unfortunately Alison disappeared, causing the four friends to break up. But after three years, the girls meet at the exclusive Rosewood Day High School.

In this institute, the four boys receive messages from a stranger, where he reveals secrets that only Alison knew. From that moment the girls must meet to discover the truth and the whereabouts of Alison.

This series addresses important current issues in the lives of adolescents. As is drug use, homosexuality and sexual freedom. It also focuses on common eating disorders and mental illnesses in young women. His resemblance to Elite is mystery and drama. If you want to enjoy its six seasons, Pretty Little Liars is available on Netflix.

Pretty Little Liars: Perfectionists

Clearly, we do recommend little liars, because no little liars: perfectionists, the second spin-off. However, it is available on HBO and not on Netflix. The only remaining characters from the previous installment are Alison DiLaurentis and Mona, but all the others are new characters.

This means that it is not the continuation of the first, it is a new story that will captivate us. As the title says, this time the protagonists are perfectionists. Although they are still young, they are now going to college. The plot and mystery in this series are based on a murder that young people have to solve. Revealing secrets that everyone was hiding.


Among the series similar to Elite we also have Skins, a series that caused controversy by introducing us to life at the Roundview Sixth Form College. This institute is located in England, in which they study a group of adolescent friends, with different personalities, characteristics and problems.

Adolescents address common issues and problems today, such as homosexuality, drug addiction, racism, eating disorders, romances, among others. A series not recommended for children or adolescents due to its strong scenes. Its seven seasons are available on Netflix.

Dawson’s Creek

Nearing the end of our list of Elite-like series is Dawson’s Creek, one of the best teen series at the time with an excellent drama and mystery set.

The series is set in the fictional city of Capeside, it is where we meet the protagonist Dawson and his friends. All are inside the institute living adventures, romances, social conflicts during six seasons. Like the previous series, this one also deals with all kinds of problems in adolescents.

A curious fact is that Dawson’s Creek is the first series that emitted a kiss between two men in the open in the United States. Even though it’s been several years since it was released, you can watch all six seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

Lethal class

Finally, among the best shows like Elite, we present you lethal class, with an original plot that surprised all viewers. The series places us in the late 80s, where Marcus, a teenager without a family, is recruited into a school of elite assassins. Homeless and without resources, Marcus has no choice but to accept.

The institute primarily enrolls the children of leading criminal families. However, Marcus struggles to maintain his principles and his moral code, but at the same time he has to cope and adapt to his new environment. Add to this the typical problems of a teenager.

Do you know any shows like Elite that we have overlooked? Leave it in the comments!

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