Roulette with Sarati, the Next Level Gaming Tech – Facts You Should Know

The online gambling world has seen great advancements over the past two decades including technologies such as mobile, online, 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality and live dealer gambling. Real Roulette with Sarati is the latest one to hit this industry. It was launched recently across several reputed Microgaming powered casino platforms. It’s a perfect blend of live dealer gaming and RNG technologies.

This new game makes use of top-rated tech to produce results, and features Sarati, a captivating and delightful blonde dealer who goes the extra length to deliver a VIP gambling experience to all players. While Sarati is an actual person, there’s a lot more that goes into the game than what meets the eye. Here’s some detailed info on Roulette with Sarati. Below we will acquaint you with some of the basics of this new next level gaming experience.

Default European Roulette

European Roulette is the default version of Real Roulette with Sarati, implying that the wheel will have one ‘0’ pocket, with betting options limited to the conventional outside and inside bets. You’ll need to guess the place where the ball will land after the wheel stops, and place bets ranging from 0.25 to 125 per spin. With a hit rate of 48.65% and an RTP of 97.3%, you can expect frequent wins as you play this game. The top payout is a whopping 64,500 and you can even increase the betting options and enhance your gaming experience by utilising its special features. So don’t be surprised if someone hits a big prize such as this lucky man someday!

Special features

A great multitude of roulette players bet based on which numbers are cold or hot. If you’re one such player, you can make use of the statistics feature of this game, which will not only help you find cold and hot numbers, but also provide you many other features such as odd/even, hit percentages for colours and more.

Racetrack bets is another amazing feature which transforms the track view from the standard to an oval shape. There are more betting options available in this altered version, which can be accessed through the special bets feature. Some of the popular ones among these are black/red splits, random seven, 007, voisins du zero and orphelins. There is no need of toggling from one feature to the other, as you can save as many as six different options to reach them directly with the press of a button.

How it works?

The game makes use of a new concept which everyone will love. Even though you’re playing on a conventional equipment, inside a studio environment, results are delivered by a Random Number Generator (RNG). The scenes involving Sarati are a result of slick production techniques, achieved with the help of an experienced director, actress and an efficient postproduction crew. All the elements are integrated seamlessly into the game, courtesy its robust gaming engine. The software ensures quick loading of the game, and is compatible with iOS, android and other platforms.


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