Remove Scratches From The Phone

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When buying a mobile phone, you must always additionally purchase a protective film or glass. These tools are designed to protect the screen from chipping, scratching and other mechanical damage. Unfortunately, many people spare money on them, and therefore on the displays of their gadgets over time, signs of exploitation are sure to appear. Scratches do not affect the operation of the device but significantly spoil its appearance. It is not surprising that many people want to get rid of them quickly. Is it possible to remove scratches from the phone without the help of experts at home? Of course! The article describes a variety of ways to do this.

Remove Scratches From The Phone

How can I remove scratches from the phone screen?

Immediately, we note that the following methods can only cope with minor cosmetic defects. If the damage is large, it is better to take the phone to the service center. So, it is possible to remove scratches from the phone with the help of:

Automotive funds.  To remove a small scratch from the touchscreen, you can use a variety of automotive creams designed specifically for these purposes. The principle of operation is the same as with toothpaste: apply the product on a cotton pad, rub it in a circular motion in the desired part of the display, get rid of the remnants after the successful elimination of the defect.

Toothpaste.  The main thing is that it was not gel and had abrasive particles. Apply for a little money on a small piece of cloth or cotton pad and start gently rubbing it in a circular motion in the place where the scratch is located. Do this until it disappears. Then remove the remaining particles of the paste with a towel or napkin.

Remove Scratches From The Phone

Glass polish.  Scratches on the glass can be removed using a polishing powder that contains cerium oxide. You will need approximately 100 grams of the substance. Pour the powder into some container and add water there until the mixture becomes a creamy look. You can also purchase ready-made polish – in this case, you will not have to prepare the solution yourself. The principle of operation is the same: apply the product on a cotton pad and start rubbing it into the damaged part of the display. A movement should be moderately intense. Be careful, because the use of polish can cause you to erase part of the display cover, which will only aggravate the situation.

Baking soda.  Baking soda is in the house of almost every person. Few people know, but this tool can help remove minor scratches from the display of the phone. To do this, pour soda with water in a ratio of 2 to 1, and then do the same thing as described above.

Vegetable oil.  It is also possible to remove scratches from a mobile phone using vegetable oil. To do this, drop it into place with a cosmetic defect and start rubbing it into the screen with smooth movements in a circle. When the damage disappears, wipe off any excess oil with a towel or tissue.

Remove Scratches From The Phone

Important advice: before using any of the above tools, try it on another surface made of the same material as the screen of your Smartphone. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises. If you do not know what the display of your phone model is made of, find the necessary information on the Internet.

How to prevent scratches

So that you do not have to guess how to remove scratches from your phone, think about protecting the display in advance. To prevent cosmetic defects, use our tips:

  • Wipe the screen more often: scratches are formed due to foreign particles, so remove them from the surface in a timely manner, and then you will not know the problems;
  • Buy a protective glass: it will not only protect the display when it falls but also protect it from minor cosmetic defects;
  • Buy a case like a booklet: there are many cases on offer that cover the phone screen, thus protecting it from foreign particles and the formation of further scratches;
  • Wear your cell phone neatly: if you carry your phone in your pocket, make sure that there are no things that could scratch it, like keys, small things, and other metal objects.

Remove Scratches From The Phone

Now you know how to remove scratches from the phone and prevent their further occurrence. Use your Smartphone carefully, and then you will be able to maintain its diligent look for a long time!


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