How to record phone calls?

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Record phone calls can be very useful in certain situations. Avoid not having to take notes of directions or recommendations during a trip, such as directions or dates. Another very frequent and practical example would be in the work environment. Sometimes a quick call becomes an eternal meeting in which a lot of relevant information is exchanged. By recording these calls we streamline the work and keep all these data safe to be able to consult them later at any time. Data that you can escape with paper and pen.  we want you to take full advantage of your smart phone, and record phone calls can be very useful.

Is it legal to record phone calls?

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This is the first question that comes to mind, since it is inevitable to doubt the legality of an action like this. Obviously, in this regard, there are factors that you must take into account , although each country has its own legislation. In the case of Spain, recording a conversation is legal, but not broadcasting it without the interlocutor’s consent. To avoid misunderstandings, the most important thing would be, on the one hand, to never record a conversation in which you are not a participant, and on the other, never to record a person without their consent . You should also avoid that the recorded content be private , such as personal or family issues of the other person. This way you will avoid possible legal problems.

There are certain companies, such as BQ, whose smart phone models have this option integrated in the device. If this is your case, you can locate this option in the same interface of the call, seeing “record call” in the three-point menu that appears on the bottom right. The recording is cut automatically when you hang up and you can listen to it by opening the “Call recording” application, which comes pre-installed on BQ devices.

Apps to record phone calls on Android and iOS

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For Android, one of the best rated applications with the highest number of downloads is ACR , which has a free version and PRO for payment. Among the features it offers, are the grouping of recordings by date, the protection of recordings by password, the exclusion of numbers or the erasing of old recordings.

In its paid version, this app adds other functions such as auto email, automatic or manual recording, or integration with Dropbox, Google Drive or Web DAV .

From the download page in App Store recommend trying different recording formats (ogg, 3gp, mp4, wav) to find the one that best suits your phone.

For Apple, we found the IntCall app that is available in the App Store for free , although it has several payment options within the app that are very basic. Among them, for example, not having a limited number of calls , synchronization with iTunes and sending by email. From the same app we can also make basic editions such as changing the name of the files or trimming them to select only the fragments that interest us.

When using some of these applications, you should be aware that there are certain models that do not allow the recording of telephone conversations . This fact will depend on the capacity of the manufacturer’s CPU, as well as the different chips it contains.


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