What Are the Potential Hazards of Sheet Metal Bending?

Sheet metal bending has been around for a long time, but recent developments have made it possible to perform complicated tasks. Before the advent of machines, the best way to perform a task such as this was to physically bend the sheet material. It is common knowledge that this method is time consuming and physically demanding. This is especially true if you want to bend sheet metal that is of a higher grade or thicker. Even in these cases, bending of sheet metal is only possible by hand. The advent of machinery has changed all that and allows us to perform complicated tasks while saving time and energy. For bending and Tapping Machines, visit https://www.cotswold-machinery-sales.co.uk/roscamat/

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With all machinery use comes risk:

Body Parts Get Caught

Example: During the bending operation, it is likely that the operator’s hand may be jammed between stocks and slides.


Example: When the switches, cables, and plugs are in operating condition, the employee may be exposed to electric shock, electrical, and burns.

Hearing Damage or Loss

Example: Fabrication machines are loud and often exposes workers to high levels of noise that cause hearing damage. To prevent this, the operator can use ear plugs, industrial grade or attaching machines use sound barriers.

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Injuries by Sharp Objects

Example: This occurs when loading and unloading of work pieces.

Sheet metal bending has become easier over the past few years due to the development of new machinery. Today, companies are using a variety of different types of machines that allow them to bend sheets of metal without having to actually touch the material.



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