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Top tips for With Wales poised to become a digital hub in the next few years, there has never been a better time to modernise your website. Here are some top tips when thinking about a refresh.

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See the big picture

With superfast internet potentially coming to Wales soon, you can forget any long-held notions about needing to keep images small to reduce loading times. Large images used as backgrounds have become de rigueur for today’s websites, especially when combined with coloured tints. Note that you are going to need high-quality images that are optimised for the web for this to work effectively. These should ideally be your own images; however, you can always select some from a stock site.

Minimalism can go a long way

Counter the urge to fill every bit of white space on your site with content or navigation. Shorter well-spaced-out paragraphs are preferred by most web users, who like to skim text. Less is more. The same goes for your website’s structure. Ask yourself before including every page and navigation link bar – is this necessary? Don’t risk confusing visitors to your site with too much signage.

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Avoid the rainbow

Web browsers have come a long way in terms of the number of colours they display, so there is no need for your site to look like a primary school painting. Restricting palettes to just a few colours, or shades of a single colour, can not only be really effective but can also help to define your brand. If you need advice from a Web Design Yorkshire and marketing agency, companies such as will be happy to help.

You want your fonts sans serif

There are thousands of fonts out there, but they all fall into two categories: serif and sans serif. Serif means ‘has little pointy bits on the end of the letters’, the classic example being Times New Roman. Sans serif fonts, such as Arial, have no pointy bits. Serif fonts often look more elegant in print, but you should always opt for sans serif for the web.

Parallax effect

Clever scripting enables the background to scroll at a slower rate than the foreground, forcing a 3D perception on the viewer. This is a neat way to give your site the wow factor without having to add more content.


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