Learn Kotlin For Next Android World

Kotlin is a new programming language, and it runs primarily on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). You can also use this language instead of the Java programming language. With Kotlin you can make applications for Android and JavaScript.

In a perfect Android world, the main programming language is Java; it is modern, elegant and clear. You can write less code by doing more, and every time something new appears, developers can add that new feature by doing a gradual update. Apparently, everything sounds great and everything has been achieved with Android using Java. Google still seeks perfection, although we all know that that perfect world does not exist. That is why; we believe that entering the Kotlin Android world is a journey that has no end.

Actually everything mentioned in Java does not compare to the new thing that Google will prepare and the good thing that Kotlin brings, Kotlin is a new programming language (some call it the Swift for Android), developed by the JetBrains team. What makes Kotlin useful for creating native Android applications is that it is compiled in JVM Bytecodes and also for JavaScript.

Kotlin is fully compatible with Java, and you can convert your code to Java code in a very simple way. In summary, it is fully compatible with Java; this means that the libraries, frames or Frameworks that you can use for Java can be used without any problem.

The great features that comment so much about Kotlin we mention them below …

  • Nominal and functional function parameters.
  • Null security, if a variable is null, it is not compiled unless we force it.
  • Mutable and immutable variables.
  • Lambdas
  • Operator overload.
  • Data class

Programming Courses For Kotlin

You can start with the Kotlin course offered by the Antonio Leiva, you will have the basis to start in the development of Kotlin, it has everything you need to know to become a professional Kotlin developer and this course will allow you to have the bases to integrate your kotlin knowledge to develop Android applications Awesome and professional.

This course covers from essential programming concepts to object-oriented programming and integration of this knowledge with the Kotlin programming language.

Today, make your ideas come true, and for this, programming is your best tool to carry out that project. With these courses, we assure you that you will have enough knowledge to undertake that project that you have in mind, using one of the languages supported by Google itself.


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