How to pass online casino verification quickly

When registering in online casinos, lovers of excitement often encounter the necessary verification procedure. This verification involves the transfer of copies / scans of documents to confirm the identity and account. Many regular gamers express negative emotions about such checks, considering them a waste of time. In fact, this is far from the case, especially when it comes to the security of your wallet.

Let’s see what smart casino guide say about this …

There are several types of verification when a player wants to withdraw an amount in excess of the established limits or the activity of the account is suspicious. Most users prefer verification during registration. In this case, the new client needs to provide only a photo or scan of the passport. This document will confirm player’s identity / age, after which player can calmly play for real money, feeling that player bankroll is completely safe.

When submitting documents for real estate or bank accounts, gamblers recommend closing numbers and signs for greater security. But if the support asks to open the “curtain of secrecy”, then you should be wary. The fact is that such requests directly violate your rights and there are no guarantees that this data will not be with third parties.

Is there a way to speed up account verification?

“How to pass online casino verification as quickly as possible?” Is one of the most popular queries in Google? The fact is that there is no single answer. Some operators check documents within 2 weeks, while others perform the same operation in 5 days. In different forums, real players share the same secret: high-quality photos are the key to success. When sending your data you will see that the best online casino will ask you to make sure that the image is not blurry, and that the document clearly falls into the frame to make your verification process smoother as possible.

Another verification already with the withdrawal of funds does not differ in complicated algorithms. The player will also have to provide a photo / scan of a passport or other document to confirm identity. By law, this check takes no more than 10 days.

But in order to once again protect themselves from such verification, experienced gambling fans recommend withdrawing money through the same system that you used for deposits. Allegedly, casino workers should not have questions about such a transaction, and they will miss it without any problems.

Users are increasingly reluctant to pass checks in gaming establishments arguing that the casino just takes time or wants to use the data for their own purposes. You have an inexhaustible source of advice – the Internet. Rummage through gambling forums, chat with real players and let them share their experience.

You will see that there is nothing wrong with verification. All that is required of you is to indicate truthful data during registration and confirm them with appropriate documents. This is not a complicated procedure significantly increases the safety of players and creates comfortable conditions for the game.


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