EGO VPN: The Most Trusted Virtual Private Network of 2020

Are you thinking about trying EGO VPN? Despite being the most reliable option, it is free! You can download it on App Store. The more diversified our technological advances the more digitally connected we are. However, technology bring along threats too. Stalking and spying is common on the internet. That is where EGO VPN appears into the picture.

Whether it is the agencies you are nervous about, or the hackers and scammers; EGO is finest at providing a discrete browsing experience online.

Free Access to Everything

If you are searching a free VPN service to cater your surfing needs; EGO VPN is a must-have. It permits you carefree torrenting, and bypass regional constraints when it comes to using services like YouTube, and Spotify, etc.

Take Netflix; it has diverse libraries for each country according to their film copyright laws. If your favorite show is not accessible in your location, you can watch the next episode. EGO VPN is a perfect way to be liberated from geographical shackles.

How EGO VPN Works
The sole purpose of EGO VPN is to provide full anonymity to your browsing history. Whatever data you transmit on the Internet simply does not exist as far as unwarranted vigilance is concerned. EGO VPN makes your web traffic virtually undetectable.

When you log in using an EGO VPN it sends your data to its servers for protected encryption and carried to the intended destination. This way your ISP cannot detect or monitor the content you stream.

Think about Indiana Jones movies. A secret passage leads you to the target source to get your prized artifact and escape undetected. Exciting isn’t it?

Additional Benefits of Using EGO VPN

EGO offers peace of mind of secure connections while browsing and streaming etc. or being spied on by any three-digit entity.

It Shall Set You Free

EGO VPN lifts all the geographical and technical barriers set in place by ISPs, government regulatory authorities and the websites themselves. Now you are free from censorship. You become the ultimate ‘Invisible Man’ as your identity, location and activities are hidden from the monitoring eyes.

Supports Multiple Devices
People have multiple devices to browse and surf the internet these days. So, you need a VPN that can support multiple platforms. Whether you have an iPhone or an iPad; EGO VPN works in harmony with any IOS platform. It also supports other smartphones and tablets as well.

And most importantly, you don’t have to pay a premium to avail of this feature.

Ease of Use
Inside the app, you need just one click. Press it and puff! You are anonymous.


With EGO VPN you never have to worry about the bandwidth. Enjoy unlimited browsing, streaming, and other operations.

Seamless Streaming

Buffering, loading issues, and data throttles are outdated. Try EGO VPN for flawless connectivity as it boosts speed.

Encryption with Zero Logging

EGO VPN provides protects you through encryption. It hides your data and activities from potential snoopers. They won’t supervise or track you, or keep logs of your online activity.

Multiple Locations Servers

EGO VPN has multiple servers with a multitude of locations for you to choose from. Now watch your favorite Netflix series irrespective of your physical address. Avoid regional restrictions by services such as YouTube. Want to access your local new channel stream while traveling, EGO VPN helps without breaking a sweat.

Economical Premiums If You Must

The free service has everything average Internet Surfer expects. If you seek diversified server locations and hate in-app advertisements then EGO VPN does provide premium services with boosted downloadable speeds at reasonable prices. The minimum can be $9.99 per month to $35.99 for an annual subscription.

Get it Now for free from the App Store!


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