How do I fix my computer from freezing? Get solution for laptop and PC

I have this random freeze problem for a year now. I’m pretty sure it’s the one relating to the graphics card. Although, difficult to identify a description or look for a solution. About ~ 2 times a week, my windows would be frozen. Meaning, freezing the screen and mouse and keyboard does not affect. The only way out I know is holding down the power key on the PC to force shutdown. (Ctrl + Alt + Del does not help). Here, I will explain how do I fix my computer from freezing?

How do I fix my laptop from freezing?

What to do if my laptop freezes is not an uncommon question since laptops, having usually less RAM than desktop computers, are prone to crashes. Another factor that causes a laptop to get stuck in the greater ease of overheating due to its physical characteristics.

  1. The simplest and most direct solution when a laptop hangs is to press the computer’s start key for a few seconds, which will allow the laptop to finish all the processes in progress, including the one that caused the crash, and restart to function normally.
  2. If this first alternative does not allow you to solve a problem, you can use the following solution if the laptop freezes: remove the battery. You can only do it if the battery of your laptop is removable. Take precautions if you carry out the operation, disconnecting the equipment from the electrical current in case you have it plugged in.
  3. The fact that it has little space for all the components and that the fans are not as powerful as those of a desktop computer makes laptops reach high temperatures more easily. This overheating is sometimes the reason that the laptop freezes. In these cases, the immediate solution is to let the laptop cool down and restart it, as indicated in instruction number 1.
  4. To prevent this from happening again, we recommend that you never place your laptop directly on the table or on the legs. It is very convenient to use bases with a small built-in fan, which moves thanks to the power that the laptop gives it through a USB connection.

As we said, laptop computers usually have less RAM than desktop computers, so it is easier than if you have several programs open at the same time the laptop freezes. To avoid this, the best thing you can do is close the applications when you don’t use them so that the RAM does not have to save data in case you require them.

To minimize laptop freezing chance, when you go shopping for a new one, try to have a RAM of at least 4 GB and the ventilation slots are wide.

How do I fix my PC from freezing?

Knowing how to respond to what if my PC freezes will allow you to have your computer available at all times and be prepared to act in the face of occasional memory or other saturations that will cause the computer to not respond to your requests. The ways of acting are different depending on the operating system you are using.

·       Windows

If you use Windows, the situation of your PC freezing will not be strange, as well as the well-known combination of keys, “Ctrl + Alt + Del”. It gets you out of a good hurry since they allow you various options, including accessing the “Task Manager” to interrupt the process that has caused the computer to crash, or, directly, to restart the computer.

If only one program has been frozen, and not the PC completely, to close it, you can press the right button with the cursor located on the taskbar (the one that occupies the entire lower part of your screen horizontally) and then choose the “Start Task Manager” option. Here, you must click on “Applications,” choose the program that does not respond and then “End task.” Please note that all unsaved changes will be lost.

·       Mac

If you freeze a PC with Mac, something that does not usually happen but is not impossible, you have to do the following:

If it is a desktop Mac, press the Start button for a few seconds, without releasing it, to get it turned off. Then turn it back on by pressing the same button lightly.

If it is a laptop, do the same but press the Start key that you will find in the upper right part of the keyboard.

If the Mac freezes using any application, there is a key combination that will come in handy: Command + Option + Escape. Then, a small window will appear in the center of the screen with a list of all the programs you have open. The phrase “No answer” will appear in red and in brackets if there is one that is hung. By clicking on it, you can close it and end the lock.

·       Linux

If you freeze a PC in which you use Linux, a type of operating system that is not usually blocked, you have to press the Alt + ImprPant keys.

Next, while holding down the aforementioned key combination, you should type the following uppercase characters: “RSEIUB.” Do not write the word quickly, that is, let a few seconds pass between one letter and the next. Then, if everything went well, the computer will restart and be unlocked.


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