Is your Kid a Gamer? Why Not an Arcade-Themed Party?

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New Zealand is an island economy that is known for the Maori warriors and their intimidating haka dance. For an outsider, the first images that come to your head when thinking about the country are lush forests, beaches, massive glaciers, hot springs, and natural wonders.

But New Zealand is also a shopping paradise, particularly the capital city of Wellington. There is plenty of entertainment and activities you can enjoy if you are tired of outdoor adventure.

You can find a video arcade in New Zealand in shopping malls and other commercial complexes and multi-activity spaces. For example, you would not have difficulty finding a video arcade in Bayfair, Botany Town Centre, Hornby, Hunters Plaza, Courtenay, Queen St., Rotorua Motion Entertainment, Victoria St., and Newmarket, among others.

Video arcades offer the perfect opportunity between nostalgia and innovation. If your kid is like the other New Zealand children, there is a good chance that he or she is also a gamer. For instance, in the country, 84% of gamers belong to the 5-14 age group. So, for the next birthday party, why not an arcade-themed celebration?

Here are some of the advantages of holding a birthday party at an arcade:

  1. Guests are likely going to attend — Some don’t like to attend a boring party even if there are cake and ice cream. Since 8 in 10 kids love games, they are not likely going to refuse an invitation to attend an arcade-themed party.
  2. It is fun for everybody — While holding a party in a video arcade in New Zealand is primarily for kids to enjoy, adults can join in on the fun, too. This is particularly true for smaller kids who still need guardians. Also, the arcade zone will ask you to mind your children. The company will not be responsible for any incident due to negligence.
  3. No need to blow your money for decorations — The location will take care of some of the decorations, including the balloons. You will be spending more if you are hosting an arcade-themed party at your house.
  4. Save money on food — Instead of catering for a full meal or a buffet spread, holding the party at an arcade will allow you to cheat on the food. Instead of lunch or dinner, you can serve just snacks. The kids are not interested in eating anyway. As long as they can drink soda or juice and some snacks, they would rather play.
  5. You can keep the program short — One of the challenges of hosting a birthday party is, how to keep the kids entertained. Even if you hire magicians or clowns, they can only perform for a brief period, an hour at the most. When you hold it at the arcade, you will usually have three hours of exclusive use to the event. Just keep the program short to allow you to thank those who attended the party. Now, you just sit back and watch the kids have fun with all the activities and games.

Finally, if you still have some game in you. Holding the birthday party at the video arcade also presents the perfect opportunity to show your kid that you are actually cool.

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