How to Place Advertising on Google

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Among the many elements of Google that we encounter every day when we surf the Internet, a huge number of users lose sight of everything related to the advertising of this company, advertising that is part of our day to day although we do not know that it is there. We share how to place Advertising on Google.

AdWords or currently Google Ads is the advertising platform of one of the most important computer firms on the planet. And that is why in the following lines we want to show you all the details related to it.

If you want to place Google advertising on your website or perform any other type of task, all you have to do is keep reading, because that way we will offer you the answers on the subject you are looking for.

How to appear on the first page of Google results

One of the first questions that readers always ask us in this regard has to do with how to appear on the first page of Google results, to which we must say that it is not a process that takes several steps, and is not so simple:

The first thing you have to do in these types of situations is to create an account in Google Ads. To carry out this step you have to log in to with your Google account, the one associated with the site that will have the advertising.

When you have done it, you must decide the type of advertising you want to use within those that Google offers. If you do not understand any concept in this regard as MCC or ID number, we recommend that you look for them before making decisions.

At that moment you have to decide if you want to receive notifications and personalized tips to improve the performance of your ads, and although some may be useful, we recommend that you say no because over time they become annoying.

When you have finished with this first process of initiation in Google ads, you have to go to the button that appears in the upper right part of the screen, within which you will find the phrase Start now. There you will see these options :

  • Receive more phone calls
  • Receive more visits to the physical establishment
  • Get more sales or subscriptions on the site

At that moment, you will have to define the budget with which you have to take the first steps with this company, paying more attention to how much you are willing to lose in case things do not go as you expect.

When you are ready, you will find the section of Your first campaign, which is the one you have to access to begin work in this type of situation. It is there where you must choose the currency you are going to use. And the amount you are willing to invest. Keep in mind that the currency cannot be changed.

At this point, we have to start thinking about the keywords that are essential to carry out an advertising campaign. Since it is one of the elements in which Google stops, of course.

Google allows adding between 15 and 20 words that will be the main ones by which your ads will appear in the search engine when people use it. After setting these parameters, give Save to keep everything stored.

How to place Advertising on Google

Optimize Google adsAdvertising on Google

Another good option that Google people give us in this regard has to do with the optimization of the ads that we upload to the site, considering that we can achieve better results than with those that come by default.

Thanks to the sections of landing page or Landing page, we can modify some of the aspects that make the ads that we are going to share, which allows us that your visualization adapts much more to our company idea.

What types of advertising does Google offer us?

Of course, we know that many readers will want to know more in detail what kind of advertising Google can offer since there is not one available. So the first thing you have to keep in mind is that the most popular today are the following:

Google search networkAdvertising on Google

A bit already says its name: it is a widely used way to show company ads in their companies, and when we talk about advertising on Google almost always refer to this particular system. It is based on a series of keywords and has the advantage that it is a strategy that can be adapted to computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.


Thanks to the unification of Google Ads with YouTube, now it is also possible that our ads are shown directly on the famous social network of streaming, which makes many people who want to advertise their companies do it this way.


The remarketing is another system that has been working very well in regard to Google and advertising. Taking into account that thanks to it you can pursue the users who visit our sites. So that the image of the company is reinforced without too much effort.


Although for many Gmail is nothing but an innocent email client. We can not lose sight of the fact that it is also possible to advertise within it. And in fact, Google allows us to do so. The interesting thing about this method is that we can reach the users that we want by simply having your Google email address.


In this case, we are in the presence of a modality that tends to teach us much more complex ads than the previous ones, one that stands out especially because they are also displayed on the same Google browser results page, which more than once they will even confuse to those who pass by them. This system attracts users almost immediately.

Display Network

And finally, we have the display network method, another of the most famous within this segment. Since Google, in that case, provides us with a huge amount of websites. And platforms for us to advertise in them because they have agreements with the browser. One of its advantages is that we will be able to decide all the criteria of the ads. As well as if we want to advertise with banners, texts, videos, etc.

How much does it cost to post an ad on Google?

And last but not least, we are sure that at this point, those who read us will want to know how much it costs to put an ad on Google, to which we must say that the payment method of Google Ads is one of Cost per click.

It is a system that most people like, so we only have to pay when users enter our ads. That’s why we recommend you read more about this mechanism is known as CPC.

Google advertising rates without maintenance

AdWords 1: It is the most economical of them since it only covers the campaign for a specific product or service.

Duet AdWords: Issue campaigns for two products or two services at the same time.

AdWords Trio: campaigns for three products or services simultaneously. It is the most expensive option.

Advertising rates on Google with maintenance included

AdWords 3: although its cost of discharge for the first three months is quite high. Then maintenance is much more accessible.

AdWords VIP: its high lasts in this case for approximately six months. And again, when renewing it becomes a much cheaper system.

Dedicated Manager: it is the most expensive plan. Although you have the advantage that a specialist will advise you on your doubts at all times.


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