How to increase download speed in chrome?

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Many users of Google Chrome complain that the browser is extremely slow and often they also report problems with downloads in chrome. But do not worry, we have found several ways to increase download speed in chrome and fix decrease download speeds in Chrome Browser.

How to increase download speed in chrome?

How to increase download speed in chrome

This mainly happens because of a heavy number of processes running within the Operating System or within the Chrome Browser itself. Also, this problem frequently occurs when you are using an old hard drive that does not have a high spindle speed because that browser takes more time to load data from it. Read more: ALL THE TRICKS AND SECRETS OF GOOGLE

If your operating system is installed on an SSD then simply follow these steps to get rid of this problem.

1) First make sure that your Chromebook or Windows PC is not running on battery.

2) After that, open Google Chrome and go to settings (3-horizontal lines in the top right corner).

3) Now click on Show advanced settings… which will expand the settings options.

4) Scroll down to the System section and then uncheck the box which says Use hardware acceleration when available.

5) Restart your Chrome Browser and this will resolve the issue of slow download speeds in the chrome browser.

To increase download speed in Chrome on Android devices follow these steps

1) Open the Google Chrome app

2) Go to Settings

3) Scroll down till you see Advanced

4) Uncheck the option which says Use hardware acceleration when available.

5) Restart your Chrome Browser and this will help you to increase download speed in Chrome on Android devices.

Why the download speed is slow in google chrome?

The first and foremost main reason for this issue is that your Operating System or Hard Disk may be slow itself. You can check that on the task manager on Windows by going to the performance section of the Task Manager. If it shows high disk usage then you should consider replacing the hard drive with a better one. Also, if you have done significant changes in the registry related to your Operating System then it may slow down your browser.

Secondly, if you are using any VPN or proxy software on Windows then it may slow down the download speed in chrome because of that. You can also try deleting all cookies and browsing history from Google Chrome which might help you solve this problem.

Last but not least, updates to Chrome also cause this problem. So if you have not updated your browser for a while then do it and check whether that solves the problem or not.

If all of these steps don’t resolve the issue on the chrome browser, then it is time to reset chrome browser which will give you a fresh new browsing experience without any error or problems with download speed on chrome browser.

To reset Google Chrome, type this in your address bar chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings and press enter.

That’s it! Within a few minutes you will get a new fresh browsing experience of Google Chrome that helps to increase download speed on the chrome browser. These steps are not only for Windows but also works fine with Chromebook users as well.


I hope that these easy and simple steps helped you to enable hardware acceleration in Chrome Browser and help you increase download speed on chrome browser. If it didn’t work, then leave a comment below and we will try to coordinate with other users to find out the solution for your issue. Thanks!

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