How to get an additional income online free without being an influencer

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Earning some extra money online is not difficult and it is a safe method. However, you have to be very careful and choose the right ways to avoid scam sites or other unpleasant situations. But don’t worry: we will show you some free and legal ways to earn money online!

Lately, we have heard so much about influencers, that is people who, through their blog, YouTube channel and social profiles, are able to “influence” with their opinions the purchase of certain products.

From Chiara Ferragni to Clio, passing through PewDiePie to other YouTubers who are experts in video games: opening your own webspace in which to communicate your passion can really bring you profits. Obviously, this does not happen overnight and not everyone manages to reach the levels of great influencers, but it is possible to get some satisfaction through different legal and free tools.

If you don’t feel ready to start a blog or you just don’t feel being like an influencer, you can make money online for free even without becoming an influencer. Just know the “right ways”. This is not a method of getting rich, but small extras that will help you take off some whims.

Paid Surveys

For several years now it has been possible to earn some extra money and shopping vouchers or Amazon by answering paid surveys. These are sites to which you subscribe and after that, you will receive questionnaires via email to respond with your opinions.

Each questionnaire has a number of points or a value in dollars, which varies according to the length and time required to complete it. Once you reach the necessary threshold, you can redeem one of the prizes: telephone top-ups, Amazon vouchers, Ticket Restaurant vouchers and cash on PayPal or on the account.

Mystery Client

Another method to round up your income and receive a little extra is definitely to dedicate yourself, according to your availability, to the activity of the mysterious clients. These are simple and fun missions in which you will be asked to buy something in the shop, evaluating every aspect of the sale, but without letting yourself be discovered! Check this sites

Mobile App

Another way to earn money online legally, but without investing any amount is to take advantage of the opportunities made available by some mobile applications. Our favorites? Shop Kick and PoshMark for offers that allow you to earn credits thanks to your purchases in supermarkets.

Sharing Contents

Everything now passes through social networks, so why not make them profitable to earn a little something? If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profile, you can subscribe to My Likes, an app that allows you to earn points by simply sharing content or putting likes. The rewards are many and all very useful: Amazon vouchers, phone top-ups, shopping vouchers.

Review Sites

There are also sites specialized in reviews and opinions that pay subscribers for published content. If you like to write your reviews on the products purchased, why not. You will accumulate some extra money!


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