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How to delete your Facebook phone number

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Facebook recently added the possibility that users can add music to their Stories, something similar to what can be done on Instagram. If we recently explained how to add music to Facebook Stories. Now we teach you how to remove your Facebook phone number from the famous social network.

There is a way to remove your network.mber from Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s well-known social network. Your phone number may be registered on Facebook without you having noticed. Or simply because one day you agreed to give it when you presented a message asking you to improve your security.

How to delete your Facebook phone numberFacebook phone number

Having the phone number registered on Facebook can be used to find people who do not remember the name by searching only by the phone number on the famous social network. It even allows the user to log in without having to write the email. On the contrary, they can also find you and sometimes the contacts of the agenda are synchronized without you having requested it. Keep readingĀ FACEBOOK FACES A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AFTER USING ITS FACIAL RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY

Delete your Facebook phone with these stepsFacebook phone number

If you do not want Facebook to have your phone number. So that you do not take advantage of your personal data or for any other situation. You can always delete it by following the steps in the mobile application. To begin you must access Settings and Privacy. Once there you have to click on Settings and personal information.

In that section, your name, email address and telephone number are shown. Click on Delete in the field of the phone number, at which time the application will ask you to re-enter your Facebook password and then click on Delete phone again to confirm the change . Once done, you will receive an email confirming this movement.

Following these small steps, you will be able to eliminate your Facebook phone number. Preventing the social network from having all your data and using them to take advantage of it. You can also perform this same action from a computer.

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