The best Samsung Bluetooth headphones

Buying a wireless headset can be a complicated task if we consider a large number of models on the market. To help you in your choice, we show you the best Samsung Bluetooth headphones from Samsung.

If you have a Samsung mobile phone and would like to upgrade the headphones that come with your terminal. You have probably thought about buying a Samsung Bluetooth headset.

The South Korean brand has different models of headphones in its catalog, with different specifications and different price range. Some are especially indicated for sports, others sound quality is the strong point, and others are versatility and autonomy.

To help you choose the model that best suits your needs, we have prepared a selection of the best Samsung Bluetooth headsets you can buy right now.

Best Samsung Bluetooth headphones

Samsung Gear IconX (2018)Samsung Bluetooth headphones

The IconX Gears (2018) are the most advanced Samsung Bluetooth wireless headsets you can buy right now.

These are intraaural headphones that stand out for their ability to operate independently of the mobile phone. This is because they have an internal memory of 3.4 GB that allows you to store your music, with the possibility of two different lists: one of the favorite songs and another to go to the gym.

In case you have a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone you can transfer the audio files directly from the smartphone. And if you have a terminal of another brand you can do it with the PC using the USB cable.

The IconX Gears (2018) have touch control that allows you to carry out certain actions by touching the headphones, such as pausing playback, changing the song or taking a call.

In addition, thanks to the sensors they equip, these headphones can detect the physical activities you are doing to record time, distance and calories burned. Through the S Health app, you can check your statistics and progress after your sports routines.

As far as autonomy is concerned, they offer up to 7 hours of playback and have a fast charge to have an hour of listening with only 10 minutes of charge.

Gear IconXSamsung Bluetooth headphones

Gear IconX is the previous generation of the model we just saw from Samsung’s wireless headphones. Like the most recent model, it is an intraaural headset with a large memory of 3.5 GB to listen to music without having to carry the phone on top.

In addition, they have sensors to monitor the sports activity and heart rate monitor. Thanks to this, they are able to record the speed, distance, duration, pulsations or calories burned while exercising. After performing your sports routines, with the S Health app, you can review your statistics.

Another feature that they share with the 2018 model is the touch control, with which you can manage playback. And manage calls by simple touches on the handset.

Samsung U FlexSamsung Bluetooth headphones

Samsung U Flex is Bluetooth headsets that stand out for their ease of use and their wide autonomy. They have a flexible neckband designed to prevent deformation that integrates different buttons to control reproduction and have a magnet for the headphones to attach to each other.

These Samsung Bluetooth headsets are equipped with a dual speaker system that consists of an 11mm woofer. And an 8mm tweeter to ensure quality sound. The brand ensures that its scalable codec improves audio performance even with radio interference. In addition, they have a microphone that allows Samsung U Flex to make and receive calls.

As far as autonomy is concerned, its battery offers up to 10 hours of playback/conversation.

Samsung Level ActiveSamsung Bluetooth headphones

If you play sports and want comfortable headphones to carry while you exercise. The Level Active are some of the best Bluetooth headphones from Samsung.

They are equipped with silicone pads that fit the ears, have flexible hooks to attach perfectly to the ear. And are attached by a cable at the nape to prevent them from falling.

In addition, so that you do not worry about anything while you are practicing sports. The headphones have P2i splash protection that repels drops of water and sweat.

Samsung Level U WirelessSamsung Bluetooth headphones

Level U Wireless are other Bluetooth headsets from Samsung that you can find in the market. They are designed to listen to music and talk on the phone comfortably while walking or traveling on public transport, have a neckband and are equipped with magnets so that the headphones are joined and the cable is not entangled.

The neckband is equipped with controls to raise and lower the volume, change the song and handle other playback functions.

Its EC and NR technology and its two built-in microphones guarantee the quality of voice calls. In addition, through the application Level app for Samsung phones. It is possible to control the alerts of missed calls, notifications of the alarm or autonomy by vibration and voice synthesis notices.

Samsung Level On Wireless ProSamsung Bluetooth headphones

If what you are looking for is a Bluetooth headset with high audio quality, the Samsung Level On Wireless Pro is the model you need.

Unlike the headphones we have reviewed so far, its form factor is not intraaural but closed circumaural. Therefore, they cover the entire ear, they are comfortable to wear and thanks to their technology. And their impedance of 41 ohms they offer great audio quality.

These Samsung Bluetooth headphones feature the UHQ-BT codec, which allows the model to offer a rich and balanced sound. In addition, they have active noise cancellation (ANC) function, which through two microphones incorporated in each headset is able to adjust the sound to isolate the user from outside noise.

The Level On Wireless Pro can be operated thanks to the touch control of the headset, which allows you to adjust the volume, control playback or activate the conversation mode. This mode activates the audio input of the microphones located in the headphones to hear what happens around you when you need it.

Its battery offers a range of up to 20 hours if the noise cancellation mode is not activated and have a range of 10 meters.


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