The best alternatives to MacBook in 2019

These are the best alternatives to MacBook if you want to renew the Apple laptop, but you want to jump to a device with Windows. There are features that are no longer exclusive to Cupertino laptops, and the truth is that there are very good alternatives.

Although they no longer have the aura of exclusivity of a few years ago, when they were the most valued notebooks for their power, performance, battery, and design, MacBooks are usually the laptops with which different brands compare their products.

The market has changed a lot and both Microsoft and Lenovo, Dell or Huawei have laptops that can stand up to a MacBook in the fields in which Apple laptops stood out (and still do, but with less margin). The battery and the performance, as well as the design, is something fundamental in a laptop and, fortunately, there are many options to replace the MacBook.

If you are the type of user who has been using an Apple laptop for years and wants to renew or try a Windows, we tell you what are the best alternatives to MacBook in 2019, laptops that have nothing to envy Apple.

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Thinkpad X1 Extremebest alternatives to MacBook

One of the surprises of the IFA in Berlin last year was the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme. The Thinkpad X1 family is one of the best alternatives to  MacBook and, although in principle they seem less premium because they are not made of aluminum, their polycarbonate and carbon fiber offers great results (and is really resistant).

The Thinkpad is, traditionally, a high-end portáitl and one of the best alternatives to MacBook. In fact, they were the most desired, in their day, when they were not Apple laptops, and now continue to maintain that aura of excellence at the hands of Lenovo.

The X1 Extreme assembles the best we can find today in a laptop of small dimensions and low weight. It has a six-core processor with base frequency at 2.2 GHz and a boost at 4.1 GHz and, in addition, 16 GB of memory at 2,400 MHz and a GTX 1050 Ti as a graphics card, with 4 GB of memory.

It is a beast that can with everything and that, in addition, has a 4K screen very well calibrated. This is, as we say, the best alternative to a MacBook, especially the MacBook Pro with AMD GPU. Of course, the price is equivalent to Apple, going to 2910 dollars.

Surface Book 2best alternatives to MacBook

Continuing with the combination of power and design, we must talk, almost necessarily, of the Surface Book 2. As we told you in our analysis, it is a very interesting laptop, since it is a very peculiar 2 in 1.

On the screen, which is tactile and has 15 ” resolution almost 4K, is integrated storage, a battery, and a processor, as well as some ports, so it is fully functional separately.

However, by joining it to the base keyboard, we have more ports, more battery and a GTX 1060. Yes, we can play games on the Surface Book 2 without any problem, although this model, which is the most premium and one of the best alternatives to  MacBook Pro, goes to 2900 dollars.

The Surface Book 2 screen responds brilliantly to touch gestures and also has a very good calibration. On the other hand, the keyboard is one of the best we have tested on a laptop.

If the idea of ​​the 2 in 1 you like, there are more affordable, but no dedicated GPU, as the model with the Intel Core i5-7300U for 1685 dollars.

Surface Laptopbest alternatives to MacBook

Without leaving Microsoft, we must talk about one of the best alternatives to MacBook. The Surface Laptop 2 maintains the touch screen of the Surface Book, but it is a laptop with all the letters, an Ultrabook., Since it does not become a tablet.

It is a team that can with any type of office application, as well as video and sporadic photo retouching. We will not be able to play heavy games, only indie or old titles, but something is something.

It stands out for the screen, which is very well integrated with the gestures of Windows, and for a spectacular keyboard. Also, as we told you in our analysis of the Surface Laptop 2, we have up to 10 hours of autonomy.

For 1000 dollars is one of the best alternatives to  MacBook in 2019.

Dell XPS 13best alternatives to MacBook

Another of the best alternatives to MacBook in 2019 is the Dell XPS family. The Dell XPS 13 is a rugged laptop that allows us to perform any type of office task and is more designed for mobility than for anything else thanks to its compact size and low consumption components.

It would be an alternative to the MacBook Air for 1605 dollars that has FullHD screen of 13.3 ” and low-power Intel Core processor, as well as 8 GB of RAM (yes, LPDDR3) and 256 GB of storage. It is an alternative to the MacBook, but also something equivalent to the Surface Laptop.

Gigabyte Aero 15best alternatives to MacBook

Gigabyte has few laptops in its portfolio but pampers them very much. The Aero family is the ” professional”, the focus on productivity, but the company (specializing in gaming) has given them a special touch so that, in addition to ideals for the office, are very decent portable to play.

The Gigabyte Aero 15X v8 is one of the best laptops we can buy. It has very small dimensions and has a spectacular 144 Hz IPS screen with X-Rite Pantone certification. In addition, the GTX 1070 is responsible for giving life to the graphics plot, so we can play the game we want in an ultra.

Its processor is not constrained by the limitation of consumption, and its 16 GB of RAM help to have a fantastic experience in any type of application, both office and heavy. It’s the price? 1915 dollars .

Huawei Matebook X Probest alternatives to MacBook

One of the best alternatives to MacBook, both for the similarity of the design as for power and materials, is the Matebook family of Huawei.

The Matebook X Pro is the most advanced laptop of the Chinese company, an ultraportable that has a very careful design and has details as a screen virtually without frames, as well as a large keyboard and two speakers that, in an intelligent way, are placed on top.

It is an ideal notebook to work with and, although we can not play, it does have an Nvidia MX150 GPU with 2 GB of video memory to perform heavy tasks with which the integrated Intel GPU can not.

The RAM memory is also LPDDR3 and the price is 1740 dollars.

Lenovo ThinkPad L580best alternatives to MacBook

And we end up with another Lenovo as an alternative to the MacBook Air. It is the Thinkpad L580, a laptop that is not comparable in power to the X1 Extreme, but that offers great results.

Its 12-hour battery with fast charge is a safe value and also has an Intel Core processor with low power consumption. It has no dedicated graphics, but still, we can play simple games and, most importantly, watch the video in 4K and perform some sporadic editing tasks.

It is a lightweight laptop (1.4 kg) that allows us to perform all kinds of tasks and that has become a great alternative to Apple’s MacBook Air. In addition, it has quality materials that, again, do not leave us the premium feeling of aluminum, but leave nothing to be desired. It is available for less than 1125 dollars.

If you want an alternative to the MacBook in 2019, you can see that there are models to choose from.


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