Fastest ram speed ddr4: Kingston exceeds 5.6 GHz

The record of fastest ram speed ddr4 is something that is being overcome little by little as the technology improves. In 2018 the record was broken twice: the first at the end of March by G.Skill, where they reached 5,007.4 GHz. ADATA surpassed that figure in June to reach 5,531 MHz. Now, Kingston has managed to surpass the 5.6 GHz figure.

Fastest ram speed

Fastest ram speed ddr4

Specifically, the frequency they have reached has been 5,608 MHz (2,804 MHz x 2), 77 MHz more than ADATA managed to achieve. The processor used was an Intel Core i9-9900K, operating at 816.02 MHz (yes, less than 1 GHz). In addition, it has been forced to enable only two processor cores, deactivating the remaining six, as well as the other threads that Hyper-Threading allows. The processor voltage has also been the minimum possible, reaching the physical limits allowed by its silicon with 0.67 volts.

The motherboard used has been an MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC, quite surprising considering that the motherboard is worth only 159.90 dollars. Normally for this type of records are usually used more expensive base plates than that, opting for high-end models of several hundred dollars for its better stability to have more and better VRM. Usually, they are usually brands like ASUS or G.Skill who are present in this type of fastest ram speed ddr4.

Fastest ram speed

The series modules work at 4.266 MHz and are not yet for sale

In terms of RAM, the used ones have been simple Kingston HyperX Fury modules of 8 GB with a serial frequency of 4.266 MHz and a CAS19 latency. These modules are not yet for sale, with G.Skill being the only one that achieves these serial frequencies in their modules and that can currently be purchased.

The record ram speed has been achieved by the overclocker Toppc, which has managed to break three records at once: world record, first global position and first place in the DDR4 SDRAM.

This record can last very short if we consider that in 2019 more manufacturers will include the new DRAM chips that Samsung began manufacturing in 2018 and are already in the hands of manufacturers. Therefore, it will not be strange that in the next few months we will see manufacturers such as G.Skill or ADATA venture to overcome the fastest ram speed ddr4 reached by Kingston. If that were not enough, the DDR5 RAM memories are just around the corner and will leave these frequencies that today make a record in something more and more normal.


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