Guidelines for learning any language from a specialist

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Matthew Youlden is a Briton who speaks nine different languages and understands more others. He switches languages similar to how a chameleon changes colors with ease. Matthew’s following tips will guide anyone who wants to be bilingual; they are easy and fun ways of learning any language. You can also hire an expert in case you need someone to write my thesis.

Discern your motivation

It is the initial language learning guideline. It emphasizes that you must have a solid reason for learning the language so that you remain focused on the end. Learning French to impress English-speaking speakers is not a good reason. Other people might want to know French people in their language. Regardless of why you want to learn another language, it is essential to commit to learning and understanding the new language.

Get a learning partner

Matthew was able to learn numerous languages with his brother Michael. Both learned their first language Greek at the age of eight years, thanks to positive sibling rivalry that accelerated the learning process. The twins’ brothers got motivated to push each other to learn foreign languages. It is not mandatory to have a sibling as a learning partner, but you can get a suitable partner whom together you will push each other to learn.

Talk to yourself

Failure to get a learning partner then talks to yourself in the foreign language you are learning. This strategy mighty seems awkward, but talking with oneself in the language is an excellent technique to practice. Talking to yourself will help you remember new phrases and words in your mind and develops your confidence.

Maintain its relevance

If you choose to make conversations the objective from the word go, then textbooks will not confuse you. Interacting with other people is one of the most significant ways to learn a foreign language since it keeps the process of learning relevant. We learn a new language to put into general, useful, and daily settings like speaking to people, using when we go to a foreign country, and writing songs.

Enjoy and have fun with the language

Utilizing the new language the way you like is an innovative act. The twin brothers learned Greek by composing and recording songs. You can think of innovative techniques to practice the new language like speaking to anyone you can, writing a poem, drawing a comic strip, or making a radio play with a pal.

Behave like a child

Acting like a child does not mean hurling tantrums, but learning the way children learn. Some studies have suggested that children are better learners compared to adults. To learn quickly as a child means adopting children’s attitudes like willingness to make mistakes, wish to play with the language, and lack self-consciousness. Admitting mistakes is key to freedom and growth in learning foreign languages.

Avoid dwelling in the comfort zone

Readiness to admit mistakes means putting oneself in weird situations. As much as this is creepy, however, it is the surest way to improve and develop. You will never speak a foreign language without telling a joke, ordering food, asking for directions, or speaking to strangers. The more you try this, the more you grow your comfort zone and be at ease with new situations.


Listen before you talk. Always, a new language seems strange the first time, and the more you listen, the more conversant it becomes, hence easy to understand and speak. The best way to comprehend a new language’s pronunciation is to visualize how to pronounce words; listen to words, and hear them regularly since every sound has a particular part of the throat or mouth we utilize to make the sound.

Watch others speak

Diverse languages have different requirements on our throat, lips, and tongue. Pronunciation is both mental and physical activity. To master them, have a keen look at the person speaking and try to imitate the sound. It might be difficult as you start, but it will finally pay off.

Dive in

Irrespective of the learning tools you utilize, it is essential to practice and immerse yourself in the new language each day. Put into practice what you are learning by listening to radio or music, speaking to yourself, and possibly writing an email.




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