Different ways to experience gaming in modern times

The gaming industry has grown into a powerhouse. It managed to dwarf the movie and music industries, and it’s on its way to become one of the most profitable businesses ever! As games evolved through their initial days of being only playable on consoles, so too has the industry that creates these games and today you have many mediums that are used to play games. From offline to online, from PC to mobile, there are many different ways to play games these days. Let’s check out some of them.

Console gaming

When you’re trying to find a tried and true method of delivering games, gaming consoles are the way to go. They are very popular with people who don’t want to dish out huge sums of money on a gaming PC and are satisfied with the performances and graphics that regular consoles offer them. Not to mention that with each new iteration of a console such as PlayStation and Xbox there’s a huge fuss about their specs and people throwing their money left and right trying to be the first ones to get their hands on these new consoles with their brand-new exclusive titles.

PC gaming

If you’re aiming for performance, then PC gaming is the perfect way to go. Not only can you play all the games that you can play on console, but there is an entire world of browser based online games that you can play as well! Heck, you can get into something as niche as foot fetish games online! Everything is possible when you’re using a PC to play games, and the performance is simply amazing. Of course, PC gaming can be quite expensive since you can’t play modern triple A titles on old office desktop computers. You really need a good setup to support newer titles. Try this play for real money.

VR gaming

Probably one of the more novel ways of experiencing gaming is VR technology. While only a few years ago it started out as an experimental fad, these days there are huge games on the VR platform that are being played. They come in all shapes and forms, rom action and shooter to horror and puzzle. The sphere of VR Arcade gaming is hitting strides as more businesses get in on the action. More and more VR headsets are coming out each month that have even crazier possibilities.

Mobile gaming

Finally, the casual sphere of gaming comes in the form of mobile games. While the games themselves might seem silly to the most avid PC gaming and console gaming fans, mobile games are actually some of the most profitable in the world. With so many people living fast lifestyles, it’s really hard to find time to play games on consoles an PCs. These people then resort to playing mobile games which generate huge sums of money. These days you even have things like 3D mobile porn games to have fun with! The possibilities are endless with your smartphone device.


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