Five Huge Bitcoin Casino Payouts In 2019

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Bitcoin casinos have grown over the past years to be an excellent and unique way of gambling over the internet. Like in regular casino platforms, you’ll come across a wide variety of games with exciting bonuses in BTC online casinos.

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies in gambling, a lot of players have taken advantage of the opportunity to play and win using bitcoins; mainly thanks to the anonymity that comes with your earnings. And with betting via online casinos that accept Bitcoin, there are plenty of players who have bagged significant amounts of crypto.

Even with the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency by the best Bitcoin casino online websites, a lot of online gamblers still have doubts about Bitcoin and gambling. Well, if you’re a doubting Thomas, check the top Bitcoin casinos for legit gambling platforms that accept Bitcoin.

So far, we’ve seen countless players winning life-changing payouts in many different currencies. But what about Bitcoin players? To answer that question, today, we’ll take a look at some of the most mouthwatering payouts that crypto-gamblers have bagged in 2019 from Bitcoin gambling sites.

Read on and get inspired to start gambling with Bitcoin today!

1.     Grand 161 BTC Multifruit Win in a Single Spin ($1,517,425)

The biggest win recorded for 2019 was at Cloudbet Casino, considered to be one of the best Bitcoin casino platforms for anyone interested in placing wagers using cryptocurrency. An unknown punter said to be from Finland took home a money-spinning payout after playing Multifruit 81, a remarkably immersive and high paying online slot net ent play genesis casino.

With one lucky spin, she managed to win 161 BTC work over $1.5 million! This is a victory that would have sent a lot of gamers laughing to the bank, not wasting a second longer on the reels. On the contrary, this lucky player did not stop to enjoy their winnings; she went ahead with her streak of luck to continue playing the same game and grabbed another 45 BTC. This brought her grand total to 206 BTC playing Multifruit 81. That’s over $1.8 million in rewards with the current BTC – USD exchange rate!

2.     A 160 Bitcoins Payout from Playing Baccarat at Cloudbet

It looks like 2019 is a great year to be playing using Bitcoin at Cloudbet Casino. Records were broken yet again, but not in slot machines. This time, a player who we’ll keep anonymous, got lucky and earned 160 Bitcoins while playing live baccarat at the site. With the current exchange rates of over 9,000 USD for each coin, the lucky winner took home close to $1.5 million!

3.     87 Bitcoins from Playing Lightning Roulette

Still, at Cloudbet Casino, an anonymous player ended up winning a total of 87 Bitcoin from two gaming sessions. At first, the player hit a 49 BTC payout from playing Lightning Roulette, and after another trial, lightning struck twice when the gamer bagged 38 BTC more. This made it a total of 87 Bitcoin, which is about $820k at the current rates, in no more than an hour’s session of enjoying the Little Wheel variant!

4.     53 BTC from Cloudbet’s Live Roulette Table Game

If you’re interested in placing Bitcoin wagers, then you’d better have Cloudbet Casino at the top of your list of the best Bitcoin casino sites. Another lucky player grabbed a massive 53 Bitcoin while playing live roulette at Cloudbet casino. This payout translates to a total of roughly $ 550,000 with the current exchange rates of the crypto. The unnamed player took advantage of the high betting limits offered by the casino, and they ended up winning after correctly predicting where the roulette ball would land after the wheel stopped spinning.

5.     20.1375 Bitcoin in a Single Spin

This time, the lucky player was playing at BitStarz Casino, where 20.1375 BTC was the payout in just a single spin. That is indeed a lucky spin, which is a whopping $18,795 if you convert the digital coin to USD at the current exchange rates. In standard currency, that translates to a total of $ 18795.94 using the current bitcoin exchange rates.

The game that paid out this massive amount is a slot game by the name Spin and Spell. If you’ve never heard of the game, it’s a 5-reel slot playable over 20 payline with an eerie thriller theme. It boasts of a 1,000-coin jackpot which you can unlock if you align the right icons in the game, just like the lucky winner.

The Biggest Bitcoin Gambling Win Yet: 11000 BTC

While this is not a win from 2019, we just had to include it to show you how juicy it can get if you play your favourite casino games using Bitcoin. The most significant win on record from gambling with Bitcoin or any other crypto for that matter was back in 2013. A player known online as ‘Nakowa’ won a massive 11,000 BTC.

Nakowa took the massive payout home after playing at Just-Dice online casino, where he had spent his entire weekend gambling at the platform. Had he held on to the payout and done an exchange when Bitcoin reached its peak in 2017, he’d have cashed in a cool $217 million!

Advantages of Using Bitcoin for Gambling in Online Casinos

There is a range of benefits that come with gambling using Bitcoin that a lot of sceptics overlook. Since its introduction back in 2008, Bitcoin’s popularity has soared exponentially, and there are talks of future adoption by well-established online shopping sites such as Amazon.

One Bitcoin (1 BTC) at the time of publishing is currently valued at $9,425.17, and while its value keeps fluctuating, more people are opening up for full digitization of currency. In case you aren’t sure why you should start using the digital coin when betting online, some of the best benefits that come with using bitcoins in your gambling include:

  • Bitcoin is remarkable easy to sell, transfer, and move. Most internet gaming platforms that accept it have exceptionally low withdrawal fees or even none for some sites. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy your winnings in full, especially when you compare transactional costs with other payment methods.
  • The transfers are instant, compare to what many online gamers are used to. Unlike most withdrawal channels, it doesn’t take days for the transactions to be approved and finalized for the funds to be deposited into player accounts.
  • The anonymity aspect of Bitcoin brings another edge because no one can trace your gambling activities. The transactions are ‘off the grid’ in that your personal data is not recorded, contrary to what other payment merchants do.
  • Thanks to the anonymity aspect, the security of your data is also guaranteed. There’s no third party that can access your information. The blockchain system of recording transactions doesn’t involve any personal data. It’s just a universal ledger that keeps track of the numbers to keep things straight and tight, and that’s as far as it goes.

Final Thoughts

These massive wins so far are a sign that the gambling industry is taking a turn as punters are now making more money playing using Bitcoin. With the unbeatable merits of using this digital currency, it’s time you try your luck and get into the books and perhaps even breaking records!


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