How to Make Money with a Word Press Blog

There is something that always attracts people related to Blogging and websites, and is  how to make money with a word press blog. I remember when I started my first blogs, back in 2007, where making money online was much easier than today, you did not need as many skills as you have to have today in 2019. There was also less competition and Google was not as smart as It is currently. Likewise, in 2019 you can still make money with a Word Press blog.  And in this post we will analyze how.

But before we begin to mention the ways to make money with a blog. We will briefly see something no less important: the right moment to start monetizing the site.

When to monetize a Word Press blog?

Make Money with a Word Press Blog

Knowing the right time to monetize a blog is really important, as it can be positive or negative for your blog. There are many people who are governed by the maxim of putting advertising. Or other methods of monetization from the moment they launch the site.

This can be positive if you are a famous person and from the moment you launch the project you know that you will have thousands, tens. Or hundreds of thousands of visits per day. However, if you are a common mortal with a blog that is just beginning. Then it is one of the worst things you can do.

To make money with a blog you need only one thing: traffic. Before going to think about monetizing your blog you must first make sure you have a decent traffic minimum. And how much is a decent minimum? Well, to our liking a site with less than 500 visits per day should not use platforms like Adsense. Or almost any other method of magnetization.

Google will send you to the bottom of the chasm if you notice that you have 10 visits per day and still place advertising for your Adsense program. You will realize that you are creating a blog to make money just nothing. And that you are not interested in adding value to the web, something that is very important today.

How much money can be earned with a blog?

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The number you actually put. Blogs give money, but it depends entirely on the niche you’re going to exploit. How hard you work and study about SEO optimization. You can make $ 100 a month, like $ 0 a month, or $ 1 million, it all depends on how well you do.

A blog is like any other website in reality, only that with WordPress you can get it quickly. And without knowing programming, taking the benefits of the good positioning offered by WordPress.

How can I attract traffic to my website?

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That is a rather complex question, to which we will dedicate another post, exclusive. And exclusive, for now only worry about generating quality content. Without copying and pasting from other sites (also penalized by Google) periodically, as well as creating a community / audience based on social networks, and over time you’ll have your precious traffic. That yes, will depend on many factors, so first you should choose well the niche of your blog that you will work.

If your curiosity kills you, we advance something, one of the best ways to attract traffic to your website is to apply SEO On Page. In this regard you can see this guide with the best tips: Tips to optimize SEO On Page. Where we expose 22 ways to improve the positioning in Google.

5 ways to generate income with your Word Press blog

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Do you already have on average at least 500 unique visits on your website? Well then apparently you are ready to start making money with your Word Press blog. Let’s see what are the most popular methods to make money on the Internet using WordPress as a platform for your blog or site.

Adsense advertising

Using the Google Adsense program is one of the most practical and quick solutions to monetize a blog. However it is not the best in some cases, it depends on the type of topic or niche that you exploit if it will serve you or not. Since there are issues that They pay better than others when choosing the advertising to show on your site.

Many of the benefits of Adsense are that they always pay on time every month almost to any country in the world, the payments are exact, there are never mistakes and you get exactly what you generated. Also another benefit is that the best advertisers use Adwords, so if your site is popular the best advertisers will virtually fight to appear on it.

It has measurable statistics, where you can compare the performance of your ads, add custom channels and much more.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular monetization programs

Affiliate programs

The affiliate programs are a great way to make money with a blog WordPress . If your blog talks about topics such as consumer electronics and technology you could perfectly open an affiliate account at Amazon and promote the products sold there to earn a commission on each sale.

Another case that works very well in software, programming and technology sites are the affiliate systems that allow you to earn money promoting hosting companies , like the one we offer in Infranetworking. From the same you can refer potential customers, who after clicking on the link that we provide you, can buy products on our website, and from which you will receive a recurring commission while the client continues to work with us.

Paid items

Many times if you have a popular site, you can receive proposals from companies to publish articles on your website, they are called “sponsored reviews” or “paid posts”. Generally they require that in exchange for some money you publish the article and that it includes one or more links to the advertiser’s page. It is important that you stand out when it is a paid item when it is a natural item, both for your advertisers and for Google.

The ideal thing in these articles is not to pass the PR attribute of your site, that is, mark with nofollow the outgoing (rel = “nofollow”) links. This article sums up pretty well the correct ways that your blog is not penalized by Google when doing these practices.

Sell your Ebooks

If over time you have generated a lot of quality content, you could perfectly compile all of it, separated into different ebooks to be able to create a business selling ebooks in parallel. You can also use them to hook users to subscribe to your newsletter, or for many other things, the possibilities are huge, you just have to have quality content and sit down to group it in ebook pdf format.

For example, a web that tests tips and health tips could perfectly launch ebooks on titles like: “101 beauty tips for today’s woman”, or a software and programming blog could elaborate one that is called “Complete Programming Guide Python. “

Promote your Services

Many blogs start as sites that offer their readers quality information, and over time they generate so much content, visits and loyalty that they become experts in their field. This means that they can exploit traffic in other ways, such as opening a new area of ​​professional services on the same topics they talk about.

Perfect examples of this are Moz or Yoast, sites that became famous for their contributions to the SEO and WordPress community, but in the face of the success of their contributions, they received a flood of traffic, which they keep active not only with more contributions , but they also exploited it through services they offer in their own companies.

Do the same on your website, create a section of “Services”, or also “Consulting” or “Coaching”, if you generate a good reputation online you can make extra money, even much more than you could do through programs of Affiliates or Adsense.


Monetize your WordPress blog is the ultimate goal of any person who opens a website, however you must have tons of patience because getting to have a decent traffic that makes you earn money can take a minimum of 4 to 6 months in the fastest cases, and 1 year or more in the slowest ones. It is an ant work that will pay off, but you must know how to wait for traffic from Google and other search engines to arrive.

You must take care not to flood your readers with invasive advertising, which is what keeps your website alive, the ambition to earn a couple of dollars more can be played against you, so always better analyze and put on the balance usabildiad of your site vs earn a few dollars more. If you loyal your readers and do not overwhelm them, they in turn will share the content you publish and you will be able to win more than if you bombard your audience with publicity.


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