How to sell more products in a virtual store shop

You just opened your virtual store shop and you think you have everything you need to achieve success but still do not get the number of visits or sales you expected? It is likely that you are making some mistakes that you have not noticed.

Here are some tips to increase sales in your virtual store shop. Some are simpler to implement than others but all equally important if you want to achieve success in the eCommerce market.

Make sure your website is friendly with smart phones store shop

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 Trade through smart phones has increased noticeably but few companies are aware of the need to adapt their pages to these platforms, or if they know their importance they do not have much interest in doing so because they believe that it requires a large investment.

If the main reason is to avoid spending more money and you have not taken this aspect into account at the time of creating your portal you are in trouble, because if you want to take advantage of the advantages offered by the trade through smart phones you will have to make some changes.

The best thing you can do is design a responsive portal capable of adapting to all platforms, whether pc, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

Use the popular virtual assistants

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A new trend, which increasingly has more followers is the use of popular chat bots or virtual assistants, who based on artificial intelligence can become responsible for the area of ​​customer service of your company. Thanks to the latest advances, they can respond from simple contact questions to give you recommendations, make purchases, bookings and help you buy a cell phone online. The ideal partner for your eCommerce store shop, can help you not only to better know the tastes of your potential customers but you can also send them the offers that best suit your needs.

Create videos

Unlike the ones that many small companies, who are just starting out in the eCommerce business , think, making videos for their company is not too expensive. It is true that normally a camera, tripod, microphone and editing software are used to make videos with the best quality. Now, with a lower investment you can get the same result, even the latest models of smart phones allow you to record videos in 4K.

If the problem is not the money but the content, there is a wide variety of topics that you could try, a purchase guide, an inbox, the most requested products, among others. Take advantage of the various options that can help you sell more products.

High quality images are a plus

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Do not use the typical images that you see in other portals, try to create your own photos but that help to highlight the main attractions of the products that you will offer in your virtual store shop. Why do you think apps like Pinterest or Instagram are so popular today? Only in 2016, Instagram reached more than 3 billion income, 3 times more than Facebook paid to acquire the application in 2012. This social network focused only on images and short videos, can be an example for you.

The high quality images in your virtual store shop will not only attract potential customers and generate more sales, but you can share them through the different social networks with high reach, such as Instagram or Facebook.

Write great product descriptions

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Do not just cut and paste the descriptions of the products that your manufacturers offer you. Why? Everyone does it, it’s nothing original, it will not attract new customers and you could even be penalized by Google for duplicate content. That is a big mistake, to avoid this just imagine your consumer and write in their language, yes, avoiding some jargon. You can start with the main benefits and then show them the main features.

You already know, starting a business in the world of eCommerce is not easy, but with a lot of effort, dedication and talent you can become the king of online sales. Just take into account the tips that we give you and your business will start to take off.


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